Volkswagen recalls vehicles over defect in the antilock brake system

Volkswagen Group


Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. is recalling certain model year 2009-2010 Volkswagen Jetta A5 Sedan, 2009 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen, Eos, GTI, Rabbit and Audi A3 vehicles, and 2010 Volkswagen Golf A6 vehicles. The Antilock Brake System (ABS) control unit may fail during ABS or Electronic Stability Control (ESC) activation, possibly causing a loss of vehicle control.

135,683 vehicles are affected by the recall.

Volkswagen will notify owners, and dealers will update the ABS control module software to improve the module’s self-testing abilities. Any module that fails the new diagnostic test will be replaced. These repairs will be made free of charge. The manufacturer has not yet provide a notification schedule.

Kimberly K. said
940 days ago
With less than 75k miles on my VW Jetta my ABS dash light came on. After immediately taking it to the dealer I was notified that it would be a $2382 repair. I purchased my certified used vehicle from pacific VW dealership only four years ago. I have taken my vehicle into the dealership for every dash light and rutuine services. I purchased my vehicle for over 18k four years ago and currently the dealership offered me $1500 towards another VW... no thank you. I will NEVER again purchase a VW and I will let everyone I know the ordeal I've had to go through.

Yang L. said
873 days ago
My daughter in her 2002 Vw hit was in an accident and the abs is faulty per the scans of the computer

Jennifer B. said
869 days ago
My husband was involved in an accident due to faulty ABS and now they are refusing to except responsibility when that is exactly what it said would happen or could happen in the recall letter I received .

Adrianna G. said
774 days ago
I am dealing with the abs issue and it hasnt gone so well so far!! Not good. Hopefully this can get fixed somehow. As of now Im super dissapointed. Not to mention how unsafe of a car it is.

Roy L. said
702 days ago
I had a 2009 Rabbit, In July 2016, I hit my brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of me, my car veered to the right and hit a pickup in a couple of lanes to my right. Car was written off. I recently found out about the recall. V.W Canada said they sent out a recall letter to me in January 2017, (would good is that to me ??)

Harley T. said
634 days ago
Ijust got my 09 EOS in March and wasn’t told about the recall. Last week the ABS failed and I lost control and swerved off the road. It’s now almost definitely totaled. After looking into it I found out about the recall. Is there anything I can do about this? I also have a video of the wreck.

Rachel R. said
626 days ago
My car falls under the recall for ABS and they are not fixing it free of charge. They want to charge me 2700.00 I also broke down on the freeway because of this and I was never informed of this recall. I absolutely need a lawyer and this needs to be a class action law suit.

Hugo P. said
527 days ago
They said that because they can't get a connection to my ABS module that is exhibiting all the symptoms that match the recall description they won't cover the replacement. My vehicle's VIN is included in the recall and they still are trying to get away without not replacing it.

Bill H. said
508 days ago
Have a 2011 VW Jetta having the same problem. All warning lights came on just after I had to break hard. Car swerved left due to faulty ABS module. Brake warning light, Airbag, tire warning etc Dealer wants $2800 to BS!

MIke L. said
452 days ago
2009 EOS. ABS went out. VW paid for software but not a new module. Hydraulic brake pump went out as result. Charged $2400 to replace complete ABS assembly. Only 74K miles on EOS. VW should have covered this under recall.

MIke L. said
452 days ago
2009 EOS. ABS went out. VW paid for software but not a new module. Hydraulic brake pump went out as result. Charged $2400 to replace complete ABS assembly. Only 74K miles on EOS. VW should have covered this under recall.

Bill H. said
419 days ago
My girlfriend has a 2011 Jetta. She hit the brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of her, her car veered to the right and ran off the road. I recently found out about all of the ABS Module failures. The car only had 50,200 miles on it when the ABS failed. Dealer wants $2800 to fix. This is totally ridiculous, how is a school teacher supposed to afford this especially when it conveniently happened 200 miles outside of the warranty? Called VW around, run around, no accountability at all. I guess VW will only listen when more people die from these Module failures. Will NEVER purchase another VW!!!

mindyann d. said
382 days ago
2011 Jetta. Dont know why all the lights came on!! the dealer is trying to charge me $2300.00!!! Crazy!!

Steve F. said
369 days ago
2009 VW GLI has failed ABS module. VW of America refused to repair it even though it was included in the recall. Was quoted $2700 by the dealer. Very upset this was not covered as that it what recalls are for, not just a "software update."

Alexander M. said
362 days ago
2009 VW Jetta SE has a failed ABS module. A year after I had the software update. I was told that VW of America will not cover the cost

Hector R. said
362 days ago
The dealership won't cover my and module recall replacement due because is a pre-existing issue which I was not informed. Also the light came on when I was parked at the Jack in box drive thru...

Sadie S. said
361 days ago
We have a 2011 Jetta Sportwagen. The brakes have now gone out FOUR TIMES. (We paid it off about six months ago; the purchase warranty expired about the same time.) Our usual mechanic replaced the master cylinder & brake booster---twice, and once at his own expense. When it failed again, he had it taken to the dealer, who said something about the booster & computer settings. Our mechanic (who is honest to a fault) paid for that repair, but told us he thinks the 'problem' is actually in the software settings done by either VW or the dealer. It ran for 10 days...and the brakes went out again on this morning's commute.

I suspect that VW has some responsibility here, but I don't know what else to do about it. I do know we can't go on with this. Sadly, I'll never buy another VW product, which is a shame. My first car was a VW bug.

Brian T. said
352 days ago
In February of 2017, I received an “Important Safety Recall’ from Volkswagen of America, Inc. detailing NHTSA Safety Recall 45F2 relating to the ABS Control Module software (see attached). I scheduled an appointment to have the service performed and was told by the dealership that they were unable to perform the recall because there was “no communication with the ABS module”. I was told that I was responsible for the cost of the repair which I declined. I requested and received a copy of the fault codes from the service department which listed 5 pages of faults, among them was fault code 53271-7-U0212 (see attached), which cited a “short circuit to ground, Intermittent”.
According to the NHTSA recall mentioned above, the updated software “improved the diagnostic capability to detect insufficient PCU ground connection”. This was to remedy the “fault within the ABS system which may cause the module to fail during ABS and/or ESC activation. This will cause warning lights for ABS, brake and the ESC systems to illuminate. If this happens, the brake system related vehicle stabilizing functions (ABS/ESC) may not be available”.
The cluster of illuminated lights on my dashboard prompted the initial service inquiry on September 23, 2016 and was confirmed by Heritage Volkswagen prior to the recall. It was my contention to the service department and VW Customer care that based on this, my car was eligible for the recall, as the faults detailed had occurred prior to the recall and prevented me from receiving service to the vehicle prior to the failure of the module. This claim was denied by both the dealership and the customer care advocate whom I spoke to over the phone (see attached).
Reading the more detailed “Part 573 Safety Recall Report 16V-913” report issued by the NHTSA, the report details the “Description of the Cause” which cites “the use of an incorrect solder compound, the ground solder connection of a power controller unit/chip (PCU) may not properly resist to thermos-mechanical stress and cracks may develop. Such a crack may lead to insufficient electrical power flow when ABS or ESC engage as required by driving conditions. In consequence, the ABS ECU may get deactivated due to the lack of power flow.”
In early MY 2010 (mid-CY 2009), Volkswagen corrected the issue in production but updating the module with the correct soldering compound. This remedy component differs from the recalled component and resolves the issue detailed in the recall without updating the software. This illustrates that the root cause of the failure is physical (incorrect solder compound), confirming that the remedy (software update) provided in the recall is insufficient in cases which the part has already failed.
The conflicting cause and remedy suggest that Volkswagen of America, Inc. is attempting to sidestep a significant portion of the 135,689 vehicles potentially involved in the recall. The conflicting cause/remedy dynamic is further illustrated when comparing the February 2017 letter (cited earlier, attached), and a subsequent letter Safety Recall revision sent on March 17, 2017, of which the revision summary changed or attempted to specify “work procedure and claiming instructions” (see attached). Notably was the language with regard to the corrective action, which was shorter in comparison to the “What we will do” section in the initial February 2017 letter. Omitted from the corrective action was the “ABS modules with insufficient ground connections will be replaced… if the ABS Module requires replacement, this work can take up to a full day to complete. The recall repair will be performed free of charge”. This statement is still included in the NHTSA Part 573 Safety Recall Report 16v-913.
I have since had the ABS Module on my 2009 VW Jetta replaced. This has remedied all fault codes associated with the ABS Module contained in the attached 5 page report. I am formally submitting a Campaign Reimbursement, requesting reimbursement of the $1,579.87 required for repair (see attached).
It is my belief that Volkswagen of America, Inc. has attempted to sidestep obligations legally mandated by the NHTSA recall. Based on this belief, it is my intention to provide all information contained in this letter to the Office of Defects Investigation of the NHTSA and to seek other consumer advocacy groups for support on this matter.

Arjen P. said
334 days ago
My 09 Jetta 2.5 SE is at 110K miles and when starting my car the other week my ABS and break warning light came on. Calling my trusted VW specialist (not dealership) he mentioned the recall. When I looked up my VIN online I found that there was indeed a recall on my car from early 2017 that I was not aware of. Called to make an appointment for the recall to be performed at a local (Austin TX) VW dealership. The service rep immediately stated that even IF they could read the fault code there was only a single code that would warrant the recall. I brought in my car this week to the dealership and what do you know, it's a different code than what the recall is for. "Fault 0113 MUST have 125 shown in the 4th line of the Expanded ambient conditions to qualify for ABS module replacement [...]". The code for my car is 126. In addition there is a code 1276 - ABS hydraulic pump Faulty. The dealership quoted me $3300 (!!!) to replace both. I declined. My VW specialist is asking closer to $2200 and he was shocked by the dealership quote. That on it's own makes me cringe and confirms why I NEVER take my car to a dealership. I'm not sure what to do as I feel that is a lot of money for a 10 year old car. I feel VW has a responsibility here that they have found a way to work around. Unethical at best, criminal at worst (has someone lost their life yet because of faulty ABS module?)

Allyson D. said
279 days ago
Same issue. We took our 2009 VW rabitt in for the ABS module recall on May 31, 2018 they did a“ system update " but five months later the ABS module now needs replaced and VW will not cover the cost. The car only had 78000 miles. I still owe $4000.00 on my loan and the cost of the repair is close to $2000.00 that we just don't have. We already paid them almost a $1000.00 because when we brought it in for all the lights going off on the dash they told us it was the fans that needed replaced. On our way home from the dealer ship all the lights started going off again so we took it right back and after two weeks they are now saying it's the ABS module.

Krystal f. said
275 days ago
My partner was in an accident due to this recall on January 17 2017. Audi refused to accept fault. I made videos of the car doing the same abs. malfunction after the accident. Audi still refused to accept fault.

Christine M. said
266 days ago
My son recently acquired a 2009 Rabbit. The prior owner had taken the vehicle in and the software update was done, claims ABS didn't fail. The light came on during a long distance trip in September, I brought it to a VW dealer this past Friday. Now the ABS has failed, needs replacing and VW is refusing because it didn't fail sooner. I would really like to know what our recourse might be at this point.

Christine M. said
266 days ago
My son recently acquired a 2009 Rabbit. The prior owner had taken the vehicle in and the software update was done, claims ABS didn't fail. The light came on during a long distance trip in September, I brought it to a VW dealer this past Friday. Now the ABS has failed, needs replacing and VW is refusing because it didn't fail sooner. I would really like to know what our recourse might be at this point.

Julie O. said
254 days ago
Ditto all the above. 2008 GTT DSG. Dash looks like Christmas tree. Same Date manufacturer, SAME DATE PLANT PRODUCTION OF PART, SAME IDENTICAL PART #!!!. YET, NOT EVEN ON RECALL LIST. No response to my questions why???.

Julie O. said
254 days ago
PS: My Car Manufacture 5.8.08. **Parte = 3.31.08 -11.20.08 @ Plant "W"
SAME as RECALL production dates......

Adam P. said
202 days ago
I cannot get any help from Volkswagen about my abs issue

Andrew B. said
157 days ago
I have a 2009 VW GTI and currently went into my local dealer after i was sent a recall for my ABS Module. The dealer put up a fight just to run the recall test for me, note i was having all symptoms and used my scanner to read the codes myself. Well the dealer said VW approved my repair after they got the code they needed. Was told part would need to be ordered and signed a paper stating the work will be done free of charge, 2 weeks went by while i was stuck driving the faulty car before the part and repair could start. I bring the car there and now they are saying my control module is unresponsive and that voids out the recall after it was already approved. I've been fighting with the dealer and vw customer care. I don't see how they can get away with this when the recall even says if it doesn't respond it will be replaced free of charge. So car is still currently at the dealers and I'm hoping they will honor what was originally said and do my repair.

Elana M. said
153 days ago
Same as everyone else-VW says the ABS module is not covered under the recall even though it is faulty and my VIN number says that I have a recall.

Elana M. said
153 days ago
Same as everyone else-VW says the ABS module is not covered under the recall even though it is faulty and my VIN number says that I have a recall.

Julie O. said
20 days ago
How many accidents (& potential deaths) must occur before someone will listen to MASSIVE neglect of loyal VW customers??? HORRENDOUS that NHTSA, VOLKSWAGEN, & some DEALERSHIPS HAVE NEGLECTED ACTION to VERY dangerous problem. ALL are saying our lives mean NOTHING!! Simply put, how difficult is it, w/ todays technology, to compile **COMPLETE** DATA involving ALL THE VEHICLES installed with that FAULTY part between 3.03.08-11.20.08 & SPECIFIC plant that installed the FAULTY part on given dates???
I've contacted ALL explaining an "error" (?possible oversight?) with model years & VIN# 's submitted for SAFETY RECALL. Explaining VW DATA submitted (re; recall) is incomplete!! HAZARDOUS PART WITH INCORRECT SOLDERING COMPOUND USED!!!!! REALLY????!!!! **AND... that VERY SPECIFIC PART HAS BEEN PULLED FROM MARKET SHELVES AND REPLACED???? ALL involved vehicles have date / location stamped on this FAULTY part. WHY the problem getting this resolved????!

***AND ....WHY?? have STEALERSHIPS, in neglect. (**via TBA's)
been ALLOWED to CONTINUE selling these cars with KNOWN faulty parts (via the TBA's) AND....ADVERTISED as CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) ??!!!! Again.... REALLY???

Now, shall I submit my 2 cents on VW's 12yr UNLIMITED MILAGE WARRANTY re: KNOWN RUST/PAINT DEFECT issues due to installed FAULTY parts??!!! Still left unresolved AND I CANT even get an appointment for??!!
Dealership @January said booked thru August AND WOULD NOT EVEN SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.
*** January had car Appt. @ Noon (to evaluate dash **ABS Christmas light issues...)WAITING ROOM UNTIL 5PM AND then charged $100.++diagnose fee!! Basically, " Please drive thru...!!!
**Said Turbo issue they already replaced prior!!! Is there not any honor left??? So tired & sucked dry spending hours searching for that ONE person who will listen to our voices and give a d___!!!!
DANGEROUS, Illegal , unethical, and truly sad, that any human life & safety means nothing! I truly miss my parents, grandparents, and that generation where a simple handshake was as good as gold!!! I didn't spell check. Pretty sure I don't have to. I'm calling BBB to report stealership PER my husband's advice. My Marine. Honor.. Ahhhhh.... I have big mouth & talk like a racehorse when backed in corner.... **Majority of people don't have $5k--$20k lying around to just replace/ repair a LEMON W/ another necessary vehicle!!! Thanks for listening?? Not so sure . Truly needed to vent. Any ears out there????? Stay safe & remember prayers

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