Viva Labs named in class action lawsuit over marketing of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Viva Labs


According to a class action complaint, Viva Labs misleadingly labels and markets its Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (“Coconut Oil”) as healthy, and as a healthy alternative to butter and other cooking oils, despite that it is actually inherently unhealthy and a less healthy alternative dues to high saturated fat content

Plaintiff relied upon Viva Labs’ misleading claims when purchasing the Coconut Oil and was damaged as a result. She brings this action challenging Viva Labs’ labeling and marketing claims relating to the Coconut Oil on behalf of herself, all other similarly-situated consumers in California.

Plaintiff seeks an order compelling Viva Labs to, inter alia, (a) cease marketing the Coconut Oil using the misleading tactics complained of herein, (b) conduct a corrective advertising campaign, (c) destroy all misleading and deceptive materials, (d) restore the amounts by which it has been unjustly enriched, and (e) pay restitution, damages, and punitive damages as allowed by law.


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