Unilever & Pepsico named in class action lawsuit over false and captive advertisement of Pure Leaf Iced Tea product.

Unilever; PepsiCo

Pure Leaf large


According to the complaint, Defendants have unlawfully, negligently, unfairly, misleadingly, and deceptively represented that its Pure Leaf Iced Tea, sold in a variety of flavors, is “All Natural,” despite containing unnatural ingredients, which are synthetic, artificial, and/or genetically modified, including but not limited to Citric Acid and/or “Natural Flavor.”

Contrary to Defendants’ representations that the Products are “All Natural,” they contain ingredients, without limitation, such as Citric Acid and/or “Natural Flavor,” which are unnatural due to being synthetic, artificial, and/or genetically modified. The presence of these ingredients in the Products causes the Products to not be “All Natural.”

Plaintiff seeks to certify a class consisting of all persons who purchased the Products within the State of Florida, for personal use and not resale, during the time-period extending from April 29, 2011 to the present.


Karen H. said
402 days ago

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