U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission declares hoverboards unsafe



In a letter to manufacturers of hoverboards the CPSC called on makers and sellers to voluntarily take hoverboards off the market until they can be certified as safe by UL, the independent testing firm widely used by U.S. electronics manufacturers and failure to do so could lead to prosecution.  CPSC Letter 2-18-16

This announcement came on the shortly after the CPSC opened an investigation in January 2016 to look into dozens of fires involving hoverboards, which are also called smart boards or self-balancing boards.  Many of these fires occurred indoors and could have resulted in serious injuries if not for the quick actions of consumers to extinguish the fire.

According to the CPSC its investigation included the safety of hoverboards made and/or sold by:


Smart Balance Wheel/One Stop Electronic Inc.

Smart Balance Wheel Scooter/Glide Boards

Hover-way Hands-Free Electric/Digital Gadgets LLC

Swagway Hands-Free Smart Board/Swagway LLC

Smart Balance Board/I Lean Hoverboards

E-Rover-Mini Smart Balance Scooter/LeCam Technology

Smart Balance Wheels/Kateeskitty


iMOTO/Keenford Limited


Smart Balance Wheel/Luxiyan and


DEYA LED/E-Rover Smart Balance Wheel /Shenzhen yuan jia jie Technology Co. Ltd

Alisa G. said
1138 days ago
My husband purchased 2 of these. All they will do is give a credit for 800.00 in clothes from their website.

Margaret W. said
1137 days ago
I am inquiring to see if there will be a class action suit against this company. I am not accepting a store credit to their website that is overpriced and more than likely poor quality clothing. Please keep me updated. Thank you in advance.

Donna B. said
1130 days ago
Keenford is offering store credit only to there website (https://www.hoverwear360.com/) we have 2 young girls that none of this is appropriate nor is it a fair exchange even if they are going to add women and kids clothes. so said hoping a class action will be looked into, they sold 84,000 units!!!

Paul S. said
1112 days ago
Interested in a class action lawsuit as well. No interest in ugly clothing. Submitted complain to Consumer Product Safety commission as well as Online fraud division of FBI.

Scott S. said
1106 days ago
Class Action Lawsuit

1092 days ago
hoverboard 360 emailed me back to let me know my only option is to purchase from their clothing store (at approximately $95 and up per T-shirt!! ). We filed a complaint with the CPSC and they said they need to get more complaints so please file one with them if you are having difficulty in getting money back. I am also interested in a class action suit.

Andrew G. said
1054 days ago
I am having the same problem getting my money. I am not interested in any of the products in the Hoverware360 store and I was only interested in the hoverboard that I purchased. Seeing the product was defective and recalled I would simply like my money back.

Constance P. said
1035 days ago
I would love to be in a class action lawsuit against this company!

Melissa B. said
840 days ago
I tried to return my hooverboard 360 before it was recalled bc the battery wouldn't charge. Then they started recalling them. I've sent countless Samir's back and forth to this company and getting told the same thing.. I have a 12 yr old daughter and do not want their store credit! Nor does my daughter want another hooverboard she is scared to death now!! I would like to be part of a class action suit and will be calling cspc tomorrow morning!! It's actually nice to see that I am not the only one but 84,000 other people having the same issues with this company... this is illegal for them to steal our money like this?!

Jessica D. said
578 days ago
Not happy! I got a $398. credit to their overpriced clothing. I don't know how they can get away with keeping our money, we returned the recalled item and would like a refund. I gave in and tried to order a few items of clothing for my 13 year old son(which wasn't easy, not his style) only to be told the items were out of stock. We just want our money back!

angela g. said
216 days ago
Any updates on class action lawsuit? I too declined a store credit for clothing for $400. We have no hooverboard and out the $400 we spent on it. My credit card company Visa Citi Costco Card did nothing to help .

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