Toyota recalls year 2011-2016 Toyota Sienna minivans over failure of power sliding door

Toyota Motor Corporation


Toyota is recalling certain model year 2011-2016 Toyota Sienna minivans manufactured January 4, 2010, to August 12, 2016. If the power sliding door is unable to be opened when commanded, such as if the door is frozen shut, the door may subsequently open unexpectedly, possibly while the vehicle is moving.

If door opens while the vehicle is moving, there would be an increased risk of injury to the vehicle occupants.

744,437 vehicles are affected by the recall

The remedy for this recall is still under development. Interim notices are expected to be mailed to owners by January 21, 2017.

Arianna N. said
881 days ago

Douglas P. said
869 days ago
The notice was received. Iin my communications with the company, they have no idea when they will come up with a fix. We paid extra for these doors. If we knew this issue would steal some value of our purchase from us we would have bought the Honda.

Teresa S. said
858 days ago
First it was passenger side airbag with no repair in site for the 2011 sienna. The fix for that was to not let anyone ride in that seat!!!! Now, don't use your power sliding doors. I paid over 32k to have a minivan that carries 8 passengers, not 7 and one with bells and whistles to ease loading of kids with power sliding doors. A young hold can not open these door without the power, they are hard for me to open as an adult without the power. Shame shame on Toyota. I'd be fine if they gave me what I paid in trade for a like vehicle that works.

lisa W. said
841 days ago
2011 sienna minivan airbag and slider door issues with no current fix

David C. said
824 days ago
Would like to tradein car. Dealers have told me they have to cut normal price by $1000 - $2000 because they have to keep on lot until Toyota can xome up with a solution.

Grady G. said
817 days ago
We bought van for these features and unable to use due to recall. Dealers will not trade for newer van without problems. No fix in sight. Value of van is decreasing and Toyota seems to be trying to run out the clock.

Melissa G. said
810 days ago
This is not my 1st bad experience with Toyota doors. Last van cost me in total over $8,000.00 over the years I had owned it. Like a stupid ass we purchased another Toyota, now having the same problems. It's unfortunate because the vans do run well. The safety issues are inexcusable. I haven't been able to use my passenger side door at all because once opened it will not close correctly, I carry around a bungy cord, just in case I can't close it, or it unlatches on its own, which happened quite frequently with my last van.

Wendy D. said
788 days ago
We have the same problem. We bought the 2014 for my spouse who is a disabled veteran. The power doors were great to get the scooter in and out with ease. Now it is a issue.

Jennifer F. said
788 days ago
My 11 year old son almost fell to his death in my 2014 Toyota Sienna XLE premium. Had he not been buckeled and his sister grabbed tightly into his seatbelt, at the rate of 45 mph speed, had he fell out of my $43,297.38 Sienna he would have been killed. Toyota is aware and uncaring. I have made every honest effort to resolve this matter without suing. Countless hours doing research. Alabama Lemon law says that Toyota is to repurchase my vehicle. Toyota's legal team made a decision to not to, without all the proper documentation from me in a 2 day matter. I'm ready to move on from this and my kids are PETRIFIED to get in that vehicle.

Charlotte P. said
778 days ago
How do i join

Cody C. said
770 days ago
I have the same issue with my 2016. NO HELP from Toyota or the dealership. Constantly blown off and told to deal with it.... Something has to be done!!

Cody C. said
770 days ago
I have the same issue. 5 kids in the van that flops open the doors whenever. The dealership told me that I can make the power doors manual by pulling a fuse, but they are not allowed to do it. I didn't pay all this $$ for a death machine. The dealership offered me a tiny coup to drive my family of 7 around until a fix is available..... Really?

Geri G. said
159 days ago
Both sliding doors have quit working. One has to be closed manually and held so it won't pop open.

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