Toyota recalls certain 2002 through 2004 Toyota Corolla, Corolla Matrix, Sequoia, Tundra, Lexus SC, and Pontiac Vibe vehicles to address a safety defect in the passenger side frontal air bag

Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota is recalling certain model year 2002 through 2004 Toyota Corolla, Corolla Matrix, Sequoia, Tundra, Lexus SC, and Pontiac Vibe vehicles to address a safety defect in the passenger side frontal air bag which may produce excessive internal pressure causing the inflator to rupture upon deployment of the air bag. This recall addresses both the passenger side frontal air bags that were originally installed in the vehicles, as well as replacement air bags that may have been installed as replacement service parts. A replacement air bag may have been installed, as one example, if a vehicle had been in a crash necessitating the replacement of the passenger side frontal air bag.

In the event of a crash necessitating deployment of the passenger’s frontal air bag, the inflator could rupture with metal fragments striking and potentially seriously injuring the passenger seat occupant or other occupants.

Toyota will notify owners of affected Toyota and Lexus vehicles and General Motors will notify owners of affected Pontiac Vibe vehicles. Toyota, Lexus, and GM dealers will inspect vehicles, and where a defective air bag inflator is identified, the inflator will be replaced, free of charge. The manufacturer has not yet provided the agency with a notification schedule.

Jane K. said
1788 days ago
Hi, I had 2010 Toyota Yaris which I purchased new from a Toyota dealer in the Auto Mall in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In April 2013, my daughter was involved in a car accident with this vehicle. Our Yaris was hit on both passenger and driver sides and ICBC wrote it off. My daughter had cuts, bruises and a deep puncture wound on her left upper arm and had to be taken to emergency for treatment for cuts and observation for concoction. She still has scars from the puncture wounds not to mention the emotional trauma. I have pictures from the accident that show that there was no airbags deployed. I thought it was weird at the time that airbags didn't deploy when the car received that much damage. But now that Toyota has recalled on this issue, it makes sense. Is there any class action on injuries received from this malfunctioning piece of equipment? If not, how do I start one? Please note that I have read your Terms and Conditions. I am not sure what I would like to speak with a lawyer... involves. I simply want to know if there is a class action on this recall and also wish to know how to start one. Thanks, Jane Kwon

Tina C. said
586 days ago
June 2017 my son was driving my 2004 Toyota Corolla at night and said he could not see after a while do to the headlights seemed to be getting dimmer as he put it. Well my son pulled over and let his buddy take over the wheel. The young man stated he could not see. The next thing I knew the car was flipping over. My car flipped over 4 times and no air bag deployed. I thank my heavenly father I get to see my sons face every day now. My son is still experimenting chest discomfort and headaches. As for myself, I'm still experiencing ptsd.

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