Templeton Rye settles class action lawsuit alleging false advertising claims

Templeton Rye



The class action lawsuits accused Templeton Rye of intentionally misleading customers about the origins of the company’s whiskey including that the whiskey bottles were labeled as “made in Iowa,” even though the alcohol’s recipe was based off of a stock spirit made in an Indiana distillery. Templeton bottles also declared the spirit as a “small-batch rye.”

Under the settlement, Templeton Rye will remove the terms “Small Batch” and “Prohibition-Era Recipe” from its front label. Instead, the label will read “based on the Prohibition Era Kerkhoff recipe,” referencing co-founder Kirk Kerkhoff’s family rye whiskey recipe.

Similar language must be removed from Templeton Rye’s website and marketing materials.

The settlement also sets aside a $2.5 million cash fund to pay off claims. If total claims exceed the $2.5 million, payments will be split proportionately among claimants.  Customers with claims against Templeton Rye have a variety of methods to make a claim but are limited to $36 total payout.

Steve B. said
1351 days ago
Bought a lot of this Rye and have receipts.

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