National Beverage Corp  makers of LaCroix Sparkling Waters named in class action lawsuit over false advertising of product as natural


This is a class action against National Beverage Corp. d/b/a LaCroix Sparkling Waters to stop their practice of mislabeling their signature product, LaCroix Water, as “all-natural.” LaCroix Water is manufactured using non-natural flavorings and synthetic compounds, and Defendant continues to mislead consumers into believing that their product is natural when it is not.

According to the complaint, the water contains ethyl butanoate, Iimonene, linalool and linalool propionate — chemical compounds that are synthetically created and added to consumable goods to make those goods taste or smell a certain way.


Victoria Fine Foods named in class action lawsuit over mislabeling its premium vodka sauce


Defendant sells Victoria Premium Vodka Sauce which it claims to be “All Natural” with “No Preservatives.” Defendant’s Product, however, contains substantial quantities of the unnatural ingredient and preservative Citric Acid, which is synthetic/non-natural or highly chemically processed.

As alleged, consumers attribute a wide range of benefits to foods made entirely of natural ingredients. Consumers perceive all-natural foods to be higher quality, healthier, safer to eat and less damaging to the environment. Defendant profited in this lucrative market for natural foods by misleadingly labeling the Product as containing “No Preservatives” and selling them to consumers who sought to purchase products made from ingredients that are naturally occurring and who were willing to pay more for such foods.

Plaintiffs bring this proposed consumer class action on behalf of themselves and all other persons nationwide who purchased for consumption and not resale any of Defendant’s Victoria Premium Vodka Sauce.


YZ Enterprises named in class action lawsuit for labeling products all natural despite containing known synthetic ingredients

This class action arises out of Defendant YZ Enterprise’s deceptive marketing of its Almondina Toastees. The product’s label  represents that it is “All Natural” despite the fact it contains sodium acid pyrophosphate, a synthetic chemical that is used to remove iron stains in leather products, is used as an oil drilling fluid, and is used to de-feather poultry-and that the FDA has said has no place in purported “all natural” products.

Knowing that consumers like Plaintiff are more-and-more interested in purchasing healthy food products that do not contain potentially harmful synthetic ingredients, YZ Enterprises has sought to take advantage of this growing market by labeling certain products as “all natural.” By affixing such a label to the packaging of the product, Defendant is able to entice consumers like Plaintiff to pay a premium for supposed the “all natural” products.