Huuuge Inc named in class action lawsuit for violating state prohibitions on gambling


Defendant Huuuge owns and operates a video game development company in the “casual games” industry— computer games designed to appeal to a mass audience of casual gamers. Amongst the games Defendant owns and operates is a popular online casino under the name Huuuge Casino.

In Huuuge Casino, Defendant offers a multitude of electronic versions of slot machines to consumers. Huuuge Casino is available on Android, Apple iOS, and Amazon devices. Defendant provides a bundle of free “chips” to first-time visitors of its online casino that can be used to wager on its games. After consumers inevitably lose their initial allotment of chips, Huuuge attempts to sell them additional chips starting at $4.99 for 100,000,000 chips. Without chips, consumers cannot play the gambling game.

Freshly topped off with additional chips, consumers wager to win more chips. The chips won by consumers playing Defendant’s games of chance are identical to the chips that Defendant sells. Thus, by wagering 100,000,000 chips that were purchased for $4.99, consumers have the chance to win hundreds of thousands of additional chips that they would otherwise have to purchase.

As alleged, by operating its online casino, Defendant has violated Washington law and illegally profited from tens of thousands of consumers.