Volkswagen named in class action over fuse box/alternator cable assembly

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The complaint against Volkswagen was brought on behalf of Florida residents who purchased and/or leased a Volkswagen vehicle for personal,family or household use, which vehicle had or currently has a defective fuse box/alternator cable electrical system that melted or burned, or is at risk of melting or burning, thereby causing or threatening to cause the vehicle to lose power while underway in traffic or to catch fire.

The vehicles affected include (a) the 2003-2005 New Beetle Convertible, nd the 1999-2005 New Beetle (the “Vehicles”)

As alleged in the complaint, the failure of the fuse box/alternator cable assemblies is not a result of normal wear and tear or a reasonably expected failure rate for new parts, but is a basic design defect that existed at the time of manufacture of each vehicle and is believed to be related to the current carrying capacity of one or more components of the assemblies.

By complaints of its customers, both directly and through its dealers, Volkswagen was on notice that the fuse box/alternator cable assemblies were defective and not fit for their intended purpose of properly and effectively distributing electrical charge to the battery and power to other systems Volkswagen actively concealed and/or failed to notify the public of the existence and nature of said defects or of the possible safety issues presented by the defects Volkswagen has not recalled the Vehicles to repair the defects, it has not offered to repair the defects to its customers free of charge, and it has not offered to reimburse owners, present or past, who incurred costs relating to system repairs.

Plaintiffs allege that Volkswagen is responsible and liable for the costs of inspecting and replacing the defective fuse box/alternator cable assemblies.