IKO Manufacturing named in class action lawsuit over defective shingles



This is a consumer class action on behalf of all persons who purchased organic-based or matted shingles manufactured and/or distributed under various trade names by IKO Manufacturing Inc., IKO Industries Inc., IKO Industries Ltd., or IKO Midwest Inc., and IKO Production, Inc. (collectively “IKO” or “Defendant(s)”).

Defendants manufactured and marketed its Shingles under various brands and product names including but not limited to: Château, Renaissance, Renaissance XL, Aristocrat, Total, Armour Seal, Superplus, Armour Lock, Royal Victorian, New Englander, Imperial Seal 20, Cathedral XL, Ultralock 25, Armour Plus 20, Armourtite, Cambridge Ultra Shadow, Crowne 30, Vista, Supreme 20, Fastlock 25, Leading Edge, Nordic, Quantum 35, Seville 25, Superlock, Superseal, and Skyline for sale nationwide.

According to the complaint, all IKO Shingles are manufactured using the same basic formula: a base layer of organic felt saturated with asphalt, a middle layer of an oxidized asphalt coating, and a top layer of mineral granules with a strip of asphalt sealant.

IKO markets and warrants all the Shingles as durable, and as offering long-lasting protection for a specified life ranging from 20 to 50 years, or in some cases, for a lifetime. The industry and consumers recognize the warranty nomenclature as having the following meaning: a shingle with a 25-year warranty is referred to as a “25-year shingle.”

IKO’s sales brochures, marketing literature, and packaging furthermore claim that IKO Shingles meet very specific industry specifications and standards for sampling, testing and analysis. In particular, IKO represented to consumers that their shingles met ASTM D225-07 specifications for organic felt asphalt shingles and that IKO Shingles adhered to ASTM D228 testing procedures for sampling, examination, physical testing, and analyses.

As alleged, IKO did not adhere to ASTM D225-07 specifications and failed to comply with the advertised testing procedures. The Shingles manufactured and sold by IKO are defectively designed and manufactured such that they fail prematurely causing damage to the underlying structures.

The defects present in IKO Shingles are so severe that Plaintiff and members of the Class must repair or replace their roofs sooner than reasonably expected by ordinary consumers who purchase shingles generally and by consumers who purchased these Shingles specifically.


CLASS:  All individuals and entities that have owned, own, or acquired homes, residences, buildings or other structures physically located in the United States, on which organic IKO shingles are or have been installed since 1979. “Organic IKO shingles” is defined as all organic shingles manufactured or distributed by Defendants.