Anker Technology named in class action lawsuit for providing less than promised battery power



Anker manufactures, markets, and distributes for sale nationwide to consumers power banks designed to recharge mobile devices.  It markets the power of these products by prominently representing the Products’ milliampere-hours mAh capacity.  As alleged, the mAh of these products is uniformly underrepresented such that consumers are not receiving what they paid for.

According to the complaint, by deceiving consumers about the Products’ capacity, Anker is able to sell more of, and charge more for, the Products than it could if they were labeled accurately. Further, Anker is incentivized to mislead consumers to take away market share from competing products, thereby increasing its own sales and profits.


Samsung named in class action lawsuit over exploding batteries in other model cell phones



Samsung manufactures and sells smartphones which pose a threat to the safety of consumers. These dangers made international headlines when numerous Samsung Note7 devices exploded and burst into flames leading to a complete recall of the product.


Samsung has yet to determine the cause of the problems with the Note7, and continues to sell, market, and distribute other smartphones which are at risk of overheating, fire and explosion. Samsung recalled the Note7 while leaving other dangerous products in the marketplace. Unfortunately, the problem is not limited to the Note7. The Note7 recall was a Band-Aid to a pervasive problem for which major surgery was required.


According to the complaint, Samsung has been made repeatedly aware of the issues with its smartphones, yet has failed to warn consumers of the dangers posed by the lithium ion batteries in the devices.


While Samsung recalled the Note7, it has failed, and continues to fail, to recall other dangerous products, failed to warn consumers of the dangers they pose, and failed to adequately respond to consumers whose phones have suffered from overheating, fire and explosion.


The complaint seeks to certify the following class:

All persons residing in the State of California who purchased, in the State of California, at least one (1) of the Subject Phones at any time during the four (4) year period preceding the filing of this Class Action Complaint and continuing through the date of trial. The Subject Phones are the S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, S6 Active, S7, S7 Edge, S7 Active, and Note5

Jaguar Land Rover North America named in class action over battery failure in LR2 vehicles

LR Rover


Plaintiff brings this action on behalf of themselves and all similarly-situated individuals and entities who own or have owned Land Rover LR2 vehicles (the “Vehicles”) manufactured and/or sold by the Defendant, Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC (“Land Rover” or “Defendant”) containing defective electrical systems which cause the battery to drain and cause the vehicle to have starting problems. The defective electrical system requires numerous service calls, attempted repairs, and upgrades without correcting the defect.

According to the complaint this battery drain is caused by a defective electrical system and/or entertainment system in the Vehicles (the “Defect”). The defective electrical system and/or entertainment system does not perform its essential function because it causes the battery to drain.

As alleged, the Vehicles are designed and manufactured with a uniform and inherent design defect that causes the battery to drain because the electrical and/or entertainment systems is defective. As a result of the Defect, the Vehicles do not start and the battery needs to be replaced. The damages are a result of the defective electrical and/or entertainment systems and their defective components.

Land Rover knew, or was reckless in not knowing, at or before the time it sold the first unit, that the Vehicles contained the Defect and that the Vehicles’ batteries would fail prematurely due to the Defect. Land Rover had sole and exclusive possession of this knowledge. Notwithstanding this knowledge, Land Rover made uniform and material misrepresentations and uniformly concealed material information in its marketing, advertising, and sale of the Vehicles, which Land Rover knew to be defective, both at the time of sale and on an ongoing basis.


Class Action Complaint