Porsche investigated over faulty shifter cable in 911 and Cayman vehicles


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Lawyers have initiated an investigation of a potential defect in the shifter cable of Porsche 911 and Cayman automobiles.  According to the investigation, the shifter cables in these vehicles may be experiencing an abnormally high rate of failure.  Failure of the shifter cable of cars under warranty are being covered by Porsche, but out of warranty vehicles require owners to pay to fix the problem.

Failure of the shifter cable may result in the inability to shift gears or get the car into gear.  This is a safety hazard.

If you wish to discuss your legal rights with respect to this issue, please use the contact lawyer box below.  Also, if you have had similar experiences, please share them by posting or contact us directly below.

Charles J. said
2160 days ago
My shifter cable broke on a 2011 Cayman with 26,600 miles. Downshifting from 3rd to 2nd in normal ramp approach situation and wham... left me stranded 3 hours from nearest dealer. Had to be ride with the flatbed to the shop and wait through a weekend for repair. Can provide warranty repair details if requested.

LOPEK D. said
2059 days ago
My Carrera 911 2008 lost its shifter cable at 36,000 kilometers.
Merging left from the parking lot into a main road I was shifting at the median from 2nd to 3rd AND SUDDENLY BUM shifter went limb, swung right and ended up in the 5th. For a split second I was disoriented, with the traffic coming at me from the right with limited ability to accelerate... scary moments, fighting to regain control over the situation... I don’t wish anybody to go through this. Car is out of warranty, so I paid for towing, repair and the rest of expenses. PORSHE offered me negotiations for a partial reimbursement of my expenses, that’s a joke; I want A CAR THAT IS SAFE TO DRIVE.
I don’t hesitate to call that THING with the existing design of shifter POTENTIAL COFFIN ON WHEELS

Lynn C. said
2032 days ago
I just picked up my 2009 Cayman (that has 20,000 miles on it) after the shifter cable repair that left me stranded without a car over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I was downshifting as I turned into my street and could not imagine what was wrong as the shifter freely swung along the vertical dimension and wouldn't go into any gear. I figured out I was still in a high gear and lugged the car home to the driveway fortunately. When I called the local dealership to make sure the cable was in stock, I was told they were always in stock BECAUSE THEY BREAK SO OFTEN. Not encouraging. Fortunately I have a warranty. I do wonder if the new cable is an improved version.

Nick H. said
1955 days ago
I am having to replace my SECOND shifter cable in 18 months! My 2009 Cayman has about 45000 miles and it just broke for second time. Firat time was Aug 2012. First one was covered by warranty. This one isnt and porsche quoted me $1400 US.
Anyone have luck getting Porsche to cover the cost?

Alexander J. said
1933 days ago
2009 Cayman base, 30K miles. Happened 3/10/14. Got stuck in 1st, limped to the dealer. $1000K with extended warranty covering half.

This forum has many more owners have the same problem.

Mike F. said
1859 days ago
2008 cayman s shifter cable faulty only 74k miles happened to my old 06 cayman s also

Mike F. said
1859 days ago
2008 cayman s shifter cable faulty only 74k miles happened to my old 06 cayman s also

Lu Z. said
1846 days ago
2009 cayman base, 39K miles. This happened to me on 5/30/2014. Car stuck in 3rd gear. Dealer told me it will cost about $1500 to fix it. They said Porsche have improved the cable design and cost me $300 for the extra part because of that. Why would Porshce improve the cable if they don't think this is a defect.

Michael W. said
1834 days ago
2006 Cayman bought used from first owner in 2013. The cheap plastic piece connecting the cable to the transmission repeatedly has popped off in spite of several times crawling under the car and re-engaging the connection. Once this happened while accelerating on an expressway and nearly caused me to crash trying to get out of the way of other traffic accelerating behind me. Porsche should recall their cars with similar linkage as this definitely represents a safety issue.

Jonathan A. said
1807 days ago
I bought my 2009 Cayman new. In 2012, my shifter cable broke and left me in 3rd gear. Two and one-half years later (July, 2014), the second/replacement shifter cable broke, leaving me in neutral, stuck in the middle of one of the busiest intersections in downtown L.A. during rush hour! I was almost hit by a number of cars. I was in the far left lane and tried to coast to the far right lane with emergency blinkers flashing, but the always "friendly" L.A. drivers wouldn't let me over. My momentum carried me to the very center of the intersection. Once traffic decided to be nice, I got out of my car and pushed the car to the side (Murphy's Law was in full force - the street was on an incline, and I could only push my car to rest smack dab in the center of the cross-walk, so for the next 30 minutes while waiting for a tow, the bus drivers, other drivers, AND pedistrians yelled at me, flipped me "the bird" et cetera - such a joyful experience). What if I had been turning left against fast on-coming traffic? In a railroad crossing? On an L.A. freeway in the fast lane? I don't trust this car anymore. The Porsche dealer covered all costs not covered under warranty. My problem is that I can't trust that this won't happen for a 3rd time. And if so, that I will escape without injury.

Dave R. said
1803 days ago
Just happened to my 2011 Cayman S with 25,400 miles on it. Covered by warranty. Luckily had shifted from 3rd to 4th and could drive on interstate to a safe off ramp. Do not feel safe after seeing all these other posts.

Mark W. said
1763 days ago
2009 Cayman with 38,000 miles. Stuck in 1st while turning right on to a busy road. I was able to limp over to the shoulder and stay out of the flow of traffic.
Under warranty Porsche covered everything from the towing to the parts and labor to replace the cable.

Christopher B. said
1709 days ago
2010 Cayman S with 32,000 miles. Lost gears when shifting between first and second when exiting a highway. Was stuck in the intersection for a couple minutes and was able to get it into first gear and limp it to safety. My vehicle is no longer under warranty. I have not contacted my Porsche dealership. I was fortunate that traffic was able to flow around me, and I was not in a more awkward situation. I would like to see Porsche do something about this.

Tom K. said
1708 days ago
I have had my shift cables break on my Cayman R twice in three years. Covered under warrantee but huge inconvenience as I race the car almost every weekend. I would think by now something would have been done to remedy this problem with so many people having it happen to them.

David S. said
1708 days ago
2009 base Cayman 29000 miles Backed out of garage, coated down driveway, attempted 1st, stuck in reverse, backed up hill into garage. Dealership is 50 miles away. My mechanic / friend 90 miles away!!!! Crap!!!

Amir G. said
1704 days ago
2010 Cayman S with ~23900 miles, I was getting on the freeway on ramp and during a shift from 1 to 2 the shifter went totally limp. The car somehow ended up in third and wouldn't go to any other gears or neutral. Made it to some friends and the cables are attached at both ends so they're clearly torn somewhere in the middle. Getting it towed to the dealer tomorrow...

kermit w. said
1699 days ago
2010 boxter. 74000 miles. Going on my third cable

Aaron B. said
1692 days ago
2006 Porsche 911 S Cab, 30,000 miles. I stopped to get gas last night and when I went to drive away it was stuck in 3rd gear. The shifter moves up and down but will not engage either gear. It will not move side to side. Lucky I was able to make it home in 3rd. This seems to be a very common problem, but oddly no Porsche dealer in my area stocks the cable . You would think they would.

Armando B. said
1685 days ago
2005 Porsche 911, 71000 miles. Shifting from 1st to 2nd the shifter cable snapped. Shifter moved up and down but only engaged in 1st gear. The replacement is over $300.

Gene G. said
1681 days ago
Backed out of driveway in 2009 Cayman, about 40K on the clock. Tried to put it in gear, but the gear lever flopped forward and backward. Could not get it out of reverse. Got a flatbed to take it to dealer. Is this thing safe???

Edward Q. said
1678 days ago
I have a broken shifter cable. I was I third gear driving on the freeway when it occurred.

Samuel Y. said
1676 days ago
My shifter cable just broke on my 2009 Cayman 41K couple days ago. Gear would not change and panicked for a sec but was able to drag the car out of the street. Could have been very dangerous situation.

Chief G. said
1655 days ago
My 2007 Cayman S had its gearshift cable fail at 50,000 miles.

James v. said
1645 days ago
My shifter cable broke on the Freeway,on my 07 997 S with 25,000 miles 6+ hours labor + $250 parts this car's been treated like a baby. Don't they false ad with the Greenland R&D film out , How could you ever think this car is SAFE IT'S DANGEROUS !!!! Steve McQueen stated if was an endurance race he'd have to race a Porsche his statement just DIED,it's repair money there after!!! are they'd recall these cars like and other car company that doesn't sell 100,000 dollar SAFTY problems to the public. PORSCHE I'm out of these cars I've ALWAYS OWNED 1 since 1975 but most of the years with two I'm done ... for sale now

Avi W. said
1631 days ago
2011 Cayman with 33,000 miles, driven very lightly, and the cable gave out, in the middle of the road-- fortunately it was late at night and there was no traffic around, but it could have been a much worse situation. Towed to the dealer, and was just quoted $1200 for the repair. Pretty shocking considering the frequency with which this seems to be happening.

slava p. said
1618 days ago
Shifter cable just broke in 2011 Boxster S, at about 18k miles.

Calvin N. said
1614 days ago
2009 Porsche Cayman Base

Shifter Cable Replaced & Improved Shifter Coupling Installed at 59,000 miles on 6/4/2014.

Shifter Cable Replaced at 41,000 miles on 12/28/2012.

Shifter Cable Replaced at 28,000 miles on 10/24/2011.

Shifter Cable Replaced at 13,500 miles on 11/12/2010.

Porsche Cayman Base Manual Shift Purchased on 11/2009.

Frank C. said
1603 days ago
'08 Cayman S, 29,xxx miles, cable snapped while shifting into reverse.

Jeffrey F. said
1599 days ago
Happened to me at about 26,000 miles on 09 Cayman. It is a frequent problem, but the dealer is trying to blame my short shifter so I have to pay out of pocket instead of the warranty I have.

1583 days ago
Same thing happened to me. 2010 Cayman S with 54,000 miles. Was accelerating onto a freeway when my gearshift cable broke leaving me stuck in first gear. This could have been quite dangerous had it happened in other circumstances. My Porsche mechanic said that this was a known problem. He said that the replacement cable from Porsche has been modified to be beefier than the original cable. Hopefully, this will not happen again now...but I feel that since this is a known defect, Porsche should have paid my $850 bill.

1582 days ago
Happened at 25,000-ish miles on my 2012 Cayman. Cable broke shifting from 2nd to 3rd, stuck in 3rd (luckily so I could limp it to the dealership). Replaced under warranty but I am now constantly worried when the next time is going to be and if I will be so lucky to have it stop in a gear I can start and go highway speeds on. Driven stick all my life, cars up to 120k miles never had this happen so I feel confident it is not my driving style.

S M. said
1551 days ago
2009 Cayman, cable snapped today while down shifting scared me in traffic. Love the car but some cheap parts they using are upsetting, got flat bedded to svc in laguna beach $900 fix... Just fixed the driver door cable snapped a few months back $300, car has 31k babied miles one owner, what's going on here!

Chris S. said
1498 days ago
My wife's 2009 Boxster just experienced its THIRD shifter cable failure. It happened once in my 2009 Cayman and I promptly traded it.

L. Y. said
1498 days ago
My 2006 Cayman's shifter cable broke at 60k miles. Left me stuck at the entrance to a grocery store with my car blocking all traffic into the parking lot! What a terrible thing to that Porsche is aware of this ongoing issue and has not engineered a better design. Not to mention that I needed a new water pump and entire new air conditioning system. I am disgusted and am selling the car and getting an Audi. No more Porsches for me.

Jeff T. said
1477 days ago
2012 Cayman R, 24,000 miles. Shifter cable broke 9 June 2015. Will fix it myself. Very disappointed that this issue has been an issue for so many years and Porsche has not yet improved the OEM cables to a safe spec. Very negligent in my opinion.

Pete J. said
1459 days ago
2012 cayman r. 26000 miles. Shifter cable broke going from 1st to 2nd. Happened June 28, 2015

Stefanos M. said
1455 days ago
2010 Boxster S, 37,000 miles. Shifter broke July 1st 2015. Stuck in 3rd gear.

william r. said
1453 days ago
2012 Cayman R broke shifting into 2 nd. July 4th. 51,000 miles.

william r. said
1453 days ago
2012 Cayman R broke shifting into 2 nd. July 4th. 51,000 miles.

dan m. said
1443 days ago
Shifter cable broke at 33000 miles. Cost $1116

Howard A. said
1433 days ago
2012 Cayman R 18.xxx miles On July 18, 2015, shifter cable snapped at the junction of the metal sleeve on the cable end and the cable. It left me in me in 3rd gear and I limped to the dealer. Porsche replaced the cable under warranty and the new cable is -- reportedly-- improved although I could not get details on what had changed.

Tim` N. said
1421 days ago
I just picked up my 2008 Cayman (that has 34,000 miles on it) after the shifter cable repair that left me stranded without a car. I was downshifting as I turned into my street and could not imagine what was wrong as the shifter freely swung along the vertical dimension and wouldn't go into any gear. I figured out I was still in a high gear and lugged the car home to the driveway fortunately. I had to two it to a local repair shop which was repaired for 750 dollars! Fortunately I have a warranty.

Abraham N. said
1408 days ago
08/18/2015 - I have a 2006 Boxster that had to replace the transmission with 55976 miles in December of 2011. The car was CPO that I bought in August 2010 with 52506 miles. The dealer covered all $ for the train replacement .Now I have the same issue as others posted in that the gear is loose and will not go in to first and second. I have put on average of 1500 miles per year. I will post more info after I discuss this issue with the dealer .

Jeffrey L. said
1401 days ago
08/25/15 - Shifter goes slack in second gear w/no warning. Flatbedded to dealer. 2012 Cayman S - 36,850 miles. Advised repair covered under warranty. Royal PITA.

Ranilo A. said
1397 days ago
Have a 2008 911 Carrera S. Drove into a restaurant parking lot. After dinner, could not back up from the parking slot. Couldn't get into first or second either to get the car moving. It was a late Friday evening. Had it flatbed towed to my home 30 miles away. Got it used 2 weekends ago from an excellent nationwide used auto dealer. I only have the dealer 30 day warranty and a purchased up to 100k extended warranty. It's got 49k miles on it. Service closed on weekends. Will update how it goes. I'm sure it will be a good fix.

Daniel Y. said
1386 days ago
Shifter cable just broke on my 2010 porsche cayman with 32,000 miles

Daniel Y. said
1386 days ago
Shifter cable just broke on my 2010 porsche cayman with 32,000 miles

Daniel Y. said
1386 days ago
Shifter cable just broke on my 2010 porsche cayman with 32,000 miles

Daniel Y. said
1386 days ago
Shifter cable just broke on my 2010 porsche cayman with 32,000 miles

Andrew H. said
1380 days ago
I have a 2009 Cayman Base with 40,025 Miles. My Shifter cable just broke yesterday night

Robert S. said
1366 days ago
2010 Boxster 41000 miles. Shifter cable broke. Towed to dealer-$1500.

Victor V. said
1348 days ago
2008 911S with 24,564 miles on it. Pulled away from a stop sign and couldn't get the shifter out of 1st gear. I was in the middle of nowhere. Had to limp in 1st gear into the nearest town about 15 miles. Porsche Roadside assistance managed to get me a flatbed truck and drive it 70 miles to the Porsche dealer. Not bad for a Saturday evening. I'll find out on Monday what they will charge me. Hoping I my extended warranty covers it. This really sucks. A car this expensive should not be having these issues.

Thomas H. said
1334 days ago
2007 Cayman S with 67,000 miles. Just snapped and stuck in either 2nd or 3rd. Was a big surprise. Thankfully I wasn't in a lot of traffic and was very close to home. This could be a dangerous issue. I was just driving normally when it suddenly just stopped being able to change gears.

daniel d. said
1328 days ago
Cable broke on my 2011 cayman that has 26,500 miles so much for German engineering. I was told that Porsche has engineered a different cable but would cost $300 more. So that means Porsche knows that there is a problem with the shifter cable.

Cynthia B. said
1320 days ago
Cable broke on my 2011 Cayman today. 27,000 miles.

Anthony B. said
1315 days ago
Cable broke on my 08 Boxster S 75,000 This is nuts that we pay for top end cars to have issues like this

William A. said
1303 days ago
Cable broke on my 12 Cayman S. 31,000 miles!!

1279 days ago
I had the same problem on my Porsche 911 Carrera broken shifter cable I got stuck in second gear and I was able to drive it to the mechanics to charge me $850 to replace the part

Joey N. said
1271 days ago
2007 Cayman s with 90k, cable broke when shifting 2nd to 3rd

Marc l. said
1270 days ago
Today, I was driving my porsche cayman 2011 and shifter went limp. I waited 2 hours for a flatbed tow-truck that struggled to move car because shifter stuck in 1st gear. Very worried if the shift cable had broken on freeway. I hope my warranty will cover the repairs because I will immediately sell car and never buy another porsche.

Rob P. said
1266 days ago
Just happened on my 2008 Cayman S. Left it stuck in reverse when I was parallel parking! luckily I was only a couple blocks from home and was able to drive it home in reverse. I can't imagine what would have happened if I was on the freeway.

Patrick M. said
1256 days ago

Jerry j. said
1254 days ago
On 3rd broken cable. 2009 Cayman.

Yousif M. said
1254 days ago
I have a Cayman GTS 2015, the cable broke after 27,000 km and 15 months, was driving on a highway and was lucky did not crash

Anand D. said
1235 days ago
I have a 2012 cayman s with 12,XXX miles which I bought new and use as a weekend car. The shift cable broke yesterday on the 110 fwy in downtown Los Angeles, while traveling 65 mph in the far left lane. Luckily I nursed the car to the shoulder and just barely got out of the way of traffic.

After reading many of these posts, its pretty crazy to think why this hasn't been identified as a recall item on the vehicle, particularly when it is a substantial life safety issue.

Patrick M. said
1231 days ago
I'm having the same issue. Shifter cable on my 2009 goals gone out 3 times. It's down now for the 4 th time. I'd like to join the lawsuit.

Bryan M. said
1210 days ago
My cable shift linkage broke yesterday. 2011 Cayman base with 65K miles. Car is at Porsche dealer now awaiting repair. I'd like to see what my options are.

Seth F. said
1207 days ago
I have a 2006 Cayman S, 6 speed manual, build date November 2, 2005 that I have owned from new. First cable snapped March 1, 2013 at about 70,000 km during a non-aggressive 1st to 2nd shift. Stuck in first, drove the 6 kilometers to the dealer. Cable replaced. Dealer agreed to split cost, I pay for part, they pay for labor.

Second cable snapped March 5, 2016 (yes, three years after first) at about 85,000km again during a non-aggressive 1st to 2nd shift exiting a toll booth at highway entrance. Stuck in first, proceeded onto highway (staying in post-booth merge area seemed decidedly unsafe) and stopped in emergency lane. Car towed 70 kilometers to dealer. Dealer stated there have been at least four other customers who have had multiple cable snaps - they suspect an engineering or manufacturing issue. BUT they say not under warranty, I have to pay.

B. Michael F. said
1205 days ago
I lost the shifter cable on a 2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder while pulling onto a busy roadway. I narrowly missed an accident due to lack of gear change. Upon investigating issue I have learned that this is a common and well documented issue within the local Porsche community. The issue is if not warranties then the repairs are being done w after market products from Numeric Racing. This not recorded by Porsche North America. Expensive and major hazard.

rob b. said
1205 days ago
2012 cayman r with 32000 miles. 4 months after warranty, shift cable broke. It was stuck in 3rd gear.

1203 days ago
I have 2006 Cayman S with 55,560 miles. I was driving my car down the street and noticed when I shifted from 3rd to 4th gear that it was sticky. When I came to a stop and put the car in neutral, the gear was sticky and then when I tried to put the car in 1st gear, I was unable to do so. it was stuck and I was not able to shift into any gear. I was stuck in the middle of the road during rush hour.

James H. said
1202 days ago
Yes. I had just bought a use 2006 Porsche Cayman S with 830000 miles on it and had just been driving it for1000 miles. Its got new oem clutch, flywheel master cylinder basically a whole new clutch kit just before i bought it. I was driving at normal traffc speed around 30 mph when i downshift from 3rd to 2nd and all of a sudden the shifting movement went loose and it only moves up and down or vertically forward backwards. It won't go into any gears at all nor into neutral. I am waiting for flatbed tow truck to get here so i can bring it to my shop.

MASOOR R. said
1173 days ago
I am having the same issue. All of a sudden the clutch gets stuck in the way back, takes a lot of effort to change gears and there is no pickup.
All this happened suddenly. No warning signs of anything.

Gary L. said
1170 days ago
I have a 2010 Boxster with 63K miles and was shifting from 4th to 5th gear when the shifter went limp and would only move vertically between 5th and 6th gear with no effect. I appear to be stuck in 5th gear. I made it back home and will call for a piggy-back ride to the Porsche dealership in the morning. Fortunately I am under warranty. I am concerned about what will happen after 100K miles especially when I read this has happened multiple times to other submitters.

Timothy L. said
1167 days ago
A couple of weeks ago with 59K miles on my 2010 Boxster the shifter cable(s ) broke for the second time (first failure was at ~29K miles in 2014). Both occasions I was driving slowly, in city traffic and in first gear so i was able to nurse the car to the dealer. The first time it was covered under warranty; this time no dice. Bill was ~$1.4K. I'd like to join the lawsuit.

Anastasia B. said
1165 days ago
I was driving on a main road in Pacific Beach today at 20-30mph when the stick shift suddenly went limp in my hand as I attempted to shift from 1st into 2nd gear. Luckily, I was able to continue in first gear and pull off the road, but was unable to get into any other gear, including reverse. I had to carefully park my car by nosing into a spot a few blocks from my house as if I had entered the garage where my parking spot is, I couldn't back up nor could a tow truck access my car as cleavage is low.
I couldn't even get into neutral, I was stuck in first. Very disconcerting and inconvenient! My car is a 2012 Boxster S with about 40K miles.

1161 days ago
Second cable break on boxster 2011 in 3 years. Have only 31,000 on it. We need to take action. Extreme safety hazard.

Alexander C. said
1151 days ago
It happened today. I just bought a used 2007 Cayman S last week and was exiting a fast-food restaurant near Lake Elsinore when I heard a dull snap and was instantly stuck in 3rd, dead stick. Happened right at 50,000 miles, almost felt like there was a timer attached to some scissors around the cable. Had to drive 60 miles to get back home...in 3rd gear!! Thin nylon shift cables, why Porsche, why?!

James M. said
1144 days ago
2007 Porsche Cayman S shifter cable snapped in 1st gear at 66200 miles, paid for towing, got it replaced and within 200 miles it snapped again.

Ananth A. said
1140 days ago
This is absolutely ridiculous. Cayman 2011, 24000 miles on it. Gear shift cable broke, luckily in a quiet neighbourhood street as I was shifting into 1st. Limped to dealership in 1st, it is getting repaired now. Looking at the number of reports here, this is a serious Safety Hazard. Porsche, you need to look at this right away and solve this problem.

John T. said
1135 days ago
2012 Boxster S with broken shift cable, definitely a safety issue that should've been recalled.

Oscar C. said
1120 days ago
2006 911 with 30k miles - just had this happened - huge safety issue. Being quoted $1000 by the dealership! I have no choice, I have to pay?!? Ugh.

1114 days ago
Yesterday, fortunately 1KM from my home. |Waiting for the bill!! Surprising for such a high end performance vehicle.

Kris F. said
1099 days ago
2009 Cayman, had my first cable snap 2 years ago around 25k miles, my second cable snapped a couple weeks ago at 37k miles. Both times it was a shift between 1st and 2nd.

1093 days ago
2008 Cayman - same damn thing happened. Had to drive over 40 miles and a ferry ride to get to my service guy. Still in shop.

William H. said
1069 days ago
2007 991 C4S. Cable snapped in 3rd while crossing intersection.

Marc H. said
1057 days ago
2006 Cayman S. Cable broke at around 90,000Km. Had to keep it on the transmission with electrical wire until I could replace these plastic cables with proper Numeric Cup cables.

John L. said
1055 days ago
Same issue 2011 cayman basic.

Judith A. said
1053 days ago
My 2014 cable just died on the highway, it ran but would not move. I got it to the Porsche dealer, he said I had worn out the clutch. I am 65 years old, it had 19000 miles on it, I am the only driver. I did two driver education classes. I don't do burn outs. They repaired the clutch, then the vehicle still did not move. Then they replaced the clutch cable. Then is worked. They warrantied the clutch cable but not the clutch, which was $3500.

Aaron R. said
1053 days ago
I experienced a shifter cable break today on my 2011 Porsche Boxster while driving. Very unsafe, had to have a tow take me to a dealership out of pocket. Only 17,500 miles on the vehicle.

Kathy A. said
1050 days ago
I was just driving home and my 2008 911 4S stopped shifting. I was able to coast into a Target parking lot. Had it towed to a local Import garage. Tow truck driver said probably the cable. It has 49K miles on it.

Victor G. said
1043 days ago
My 2008 Porsche 911 cable on my shifter went today .My car has 79000 miles its locked in 1st gear . Took it over to Porsche Monmouth very nice people there they said there booked till the 29th but he will get me in .

Vincent C. said
1032 days ago
2010 Cayman S with 37K MI. Got stuck in 3rd gear and shifter moves freely in vertical direction so seems like common issue of cable breaking. Just happened so have not repaired yet. I was able to manually put in neutral with linkage under driver side of car.

Peter C. said
1030 days ago
2009 Porsche Boxster S with 35k miles. Casual drive, pulling into first, then back to second in a parking lot and got the floppy shifter. $1000 fix at the dealer (waiting to get it back).

Peter C. said
1030 days ago
2009 Porsche Boxster S with 35k miles. Casual drive, pulling into first, then back to second in a parking lot and got the floppy shifter. $1000 fix at the dealer (waiting to get it back).

Terence R. said
1027 days ago
2006 CaymanS with 43k miles. Took off from a stoplight here in Orange County and was unable to get to 2nd gear. The less than considerate drivers would not let me over from the left lane. I think the fact that I was in a Porsche and just cut them off helped me to get to safety. A very stressing ordeal. I will definitely get it fixed and most likely sell the CaymanS. I have two small kids and a wife. I love Porsche brand but I love my life and family more.

Bob P. said
1021 days ago
The shifter cable failed in my 2012 Cayman, with only 32500 km., The warranty lappsed in March, 2016. I inspected the failed cable. It failed at the transmission end. The cable has a loop at that end, which was the key reason why the cable broke. It is not physicaly possible to inspect the cables as a prevention. It is clear, Porsche has a design problem since 2006, and yet, decided to do nothing! I asked the dealer to address the repair cost, $1200, but, instead they sent me a typical reply-letter ... sorry, for the troubles, blah, blah.

Luis G. said
1013 days ago
On September 3rd, 2016 my 2005 Porsche Boxster S with 127k had the same problem. I was getting ready to go in the morning to go get a haircut when I pop the transmission in reverse its fine, then I tried to change gears in to 1st and it was stuck, I look under the car and the shift cable broke.

victor s. said
998 days ago
my 2006 porsche 911 shifter is very hard to moved after you have driven it for few minutes

Nicolas K. said
978 days ago
2006 911 went into first and stayed. Shifter went limp.
Took to dealer ship 46k miles

Dan D. said
975 days ago

Allan M. said
975 days ago
I have a 2006 Cayman s purchased new. Two days ago my shifter broke for the third time. The first failure was at 46400 Km which I paid for, the second was at 60800 Km which they paid for, now the third one at 91500 Km. Waiting to hear from the dealer. I could go on and on about the problems including the fact that I just installed my fifth battery last week.
This is my first an last Porsche, my Subaru is much more reliable.

Stacy C. said
951 days ago
Mechanic informed me of a faulty shifter cable on my 2004 Porsche 911 997 Carerra (55K miles). Difficult to remove the car key. Also, runs the battery down and creates safety issues.

John C. said
945 days ago
2011 boxter cable broke today 33000 miles

Jon S. said
940 days ago
I have a 2007 Cayman S with the 6 speed manual transmission. My shifter cable has broken 5 times in the 10 years I've owned it. While I'm no longer under warranty, I have called Porsche Customer Care and asked them to resolved this issue at no cost to me (other than my time and frustration). I'm pretty disappointed that Porsche has shown no ownership of this problem. There are 4 things these types of cars should be rock solid on - acceleration, braking, shifting gears and suspension. 3 our of 4 isn't good enough.,

Hanco T. said
939 days ago
In the summer of 2014 my 2011 Boxster Spyder had broken down a few blocks from the entrance of a highway. It was a just 1 or 2 months after my warranty had expired. Porsche told me I had to pay since my warranty was out. However, I did mentioned to Porsche about the problem sometimes actually many times when I shift to 2nd gear it will make a loud clunking or grinding sound so loud I feel embarrassed others will think I don't know how to drive a manual. I was so scared everytime I shift to 2nd gear I tried to be very very careful to avoid the grinding noise. But no matter how careful many time a it will still make the noise. I mentioned to the Porsche tech before my car broke down but the tech said nothing wrong. I just found this website by accident now in 2016 so I'm gonna try to get my money back.

Chris F. said
937 days ago
2012 Cayman, cable broke at 18,000 miles

Britt N. said
909 days ago
2011 Cayman S with less than 47,000 km. Today while entering the highway and changing between 4th and 5th gear, had my stick shift go completely limp and was unable to put into any gear or neutral. Was stuck in 4th. Waiting for Porsche to confirm what I suspect is the shifter cable breaking.... Not impressed.

subith v. said
906 days ago
2010 cayman, 32k miles. gear tuck loose in reverse. this is a big disappointment. i was infront of the traffic with no help. i would like to speak to a lawyer

Leonid G. said
895 days ago
I had the same thing on my 2011 Cayman this night while driving my daughter from the ER (!) back home at 1:30AM! Only 27K miles on the odometer; car kept in a warm garage all these years, and I was driving stick shifts all my life...

Quite a scary experience, actually... I was downshifting from 3rd into the 2nd to make a turn, and I was really lucky the speed was minimal. The shifter suddenly felt completely disconnected from the gearbox, there were absolutely no sounds or other signs of the impending failure, and prior to that moment I had no problems with the car at all.

I was lucky the gearbox somehow shifted into and was stuck in the 1st gear during this failure, so I limped the remaining 6 miles home at 12mph, holding the clutch fully depressed at red lights and swearing all the way...

Honestly, at 27K miles Porsche should repair it at its own expense for me despite the powertrain warranty expiration 8 months ago... But there is another troubling thought at the back of my mind: This could have ended much worse if it happened at higher speeds or in traffic. Even if everything is repaired, the replacing parts will most probably be the same, with the same risks involved. I will be scared to drive the car, expecting this shifter disconnect to happen again unexpectedly...

ChungYu H. said
868 days ago
2007 Cayman S, broke the cable one week ago under 80000km when shift from 2nd to 3rd gear.

Vedran P. said
841 days ago
2009 Cayman with ~60k miles, gear shifter cable broke whilst driving in slow moving traffic last week, Porsche quoted £880 to repair.

tom w. said
828 days ago
2009 cayman s 38000 miles just hade the cable snap stuck in second

tom w. said
828 days ago
2009 cayman s 38000 miles just hade the cable snap stuck in second

Bapcha M. said
808 days ago
2011 Cayman S. 38K Miles. Shifter cable broke on the exit ramp to my home. Fortunately, I could pull over to the shoulder. It is in the shop - after a 50 mile tow

Newton S. said
789 days ago
2009 Cayman with barley 40k miles and per the mechanic, both cables were broken. Just lucky we weren't far from home or making a maneuver.

C S. said
751 days ago
Had it happen 3 times under 50k miles. Dealership couldn't find a solution other than replacing cables again and again.

william h. said
732 days ago
same problem with my 2010 boxer, pulling out into traffic, the cable let go shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. I was lucky not to get rearended.only 33k on the car always driven easily. These cars are expensive a.Porsche won't pay ,because thru car is not under warranty.This is a safety issue that needs to be dealt with..

raheem g. said
710 days ago
I purchased a used 2006 Porsche Cayman with 52000 miles on it that had the cables break at 55000 miles. After about 8 months, the new cables also broke. Porsche fixed those, but around 18 months later THOSE CABLES ALSO BROKE! Unfortunately Porsche doesn't warranty each set of cables—only the initial replaced cables. I feel extremely cheated since I am on my fourth set of cables since I purchased my Porsche 2 1/2 years ago.

Tom C. said
687 days ago
Happened to me today...40,040 miles on a 2005 911. Red light turned green, accelerated away in first, pulled the shifter into second and nothing but air...stuck in first gear. DANGEROUS situation, was lucky to turn off the main road onto a side street and limp along till I could find parking. Now getting a tow to get it to the shop. This happened 3 days after picking it up from a Porsche dealer for a full inspection and oil change.

JOSEPH E. said
684 days ago

JOSEPH E. said
684 days ago

Keith M. said
681 days ago
I have a 2011 Boxter S with 47,000 miles. Mine ended up stuck in 1st gear. Both cables needed changing as well as another part. Cost of fix $1,700. This car is pampered. The mechanic told me that Porsche has redesigned the cables to fix this common problem. My question is why am I paying for their design flaw?

Keith M. said
681 days ago
I have a 2011 Boxter S with 47,000 miles. Mine ended up stuck in 1st gear. Both cables needed changing as well as another part. Cost of fix $1,700. This car is pampered. The mechanic told me that Porsche has redesigned the cables to fix this common problem. My question is why am I paying for their design flaw?

James L. said
669 days ago

Christina J. said
668 days ago
I had the shift cable go out, no warning, while driving in rush hour traffic in a major US city. VERY dangerous situation since I couldn't get out of the way of traffic with only 5th and 6th gear. Waited an hour for a tow truck and needed to have it repaired while 2 ½ hours from home. Needed to find a way home then travel back once the repair was completed. The car only had 40,000 miles 2006 Cayman S. A month later, the cable disconnected. This time leaving me with only 1, 2, and 3rd gear. At least this time I was close to home and could hobble to my mechanic in 3rd gear. Believe it or not....this happened a 3rd time a few weeks later! There is obviously a design flaw that Porsche needs to address and the customer shouldn't have to pay for it. This is extremely dangerous and would leave you unable to shift at a high speed.

Matt L. said
656 days ago
Shifter just went limp in my 2009 911 coming off a red might. No gears would engage, so I had to coast to the side of a 50mph 3 lane road...not safe at all. Car has less than 23k miles.

Ed K. said
646 days ago
I've had the shift cable replaced in my 2010 Cayman replaced on 2016, and it happened again last night. First one was at 60000 miles, second snap was at 71000. This put me in a very dangerous position on the road.

Hal s. said
623 days ago
2007 porsche cayman s 37,000 miles. Getting off the interstate pulled up to intersection stop light. Released clutch into first gear when shifter went limp, stuck in first gear. Drove 5 miles home in traffic. Car hauler 60 miles to the nearest porsche dealer. $1,300 to replace cables. This issues needs to be addressed!

Maggie R. said
621 days ago
Husband's 2009 Cayman (approx. 40,000 miles) manual shift cable broke and the local Porsche dealer says that the cost to fix is $3200. This sounds exorbitant but is this the going rate to fix what is obviously a safety issue?

Holly C. said
600 days ago
2010 Cayman S, 52,000 miles. Driver's side cable broke under normal driving conditions while shifting from 3rd to 4th. Car was stuck in 3rd with a limp shifter, had to cut into the nearest parking lot, call the hubby to come get me, and have it towed. Luckily traffic was light and I wasn't yet on the highway. After researching the problem and seeing the broken cable myself, I contacted Porsche NA, who gave me the repeated, canned response: "Take it to the dealership (in another city), but we won't guarantee we will reimburse anything". Well, thank you, but I don't need to haul my car to the other side of the planet so the dealership can charge me a ridiculous sum to diagnose the problem, as I'm currently holding the broken cable in my own hand. Even more insulting, they called it "offering financial assistance"... Are you kidding? Really? I can afford to have my car repaired; I simply choose to maintain and repair my own vehicles because I don't trust anyone else to do it properly. The point is that I shouldn't HAVE TO pay to fix it because it never should have broken in the first place. After more research and getting nowhere with Porsche NA, I opted for Numeric Racing cables, which I installed myself. I paid $525 out the door, including new silicone insulation, metal clip ends and they even threw in a bulkhead wrench to ease installation. Also cost me a few hours and some bloody knuckles, but now I have sturdy, stainless steel cables and won't have to constantly worry if my "new" factory cable will also snap without warning and get me killed in rush hour traffic. Come on, Porsche... this is clearly a dangerous, recurrent problem. How many people have to die before you step up and do the right thing? One more mile and I would have been merging into fast, heavy, traffic - what if it had snapped then? What makes me most angry isn't that Porsche wouldn't pay for my replacement cable, it's that they won't acknowledge the problem and offer a safe alternative.

Rogelio F. said
592 days ago
2005 porsche carrera 52k miles. I was turning a left sifter went limp left me stranded in the middle of the street. I couldn’t move the car. I had to wait for a tow truck he had to go in the middle of traffic to load my car on the tow truck which put us all into danger.

Anthony L. said
589 days ago
09 Cayman S with 31k Miles. Slowed for a speed bump, tried shifting down from third to second gear, heard a slight click and lost the ability to shift. The car was stuck in third gear. Limped to my mechanic. This should not happen to a well maintained, well cared for car with low miles. The least Porsche can do is provide parts at a reasonable cost.

Kenny P. said
588 days ago
Had two break in 80000 mile on my 06 Cayman S, have a friend who's 07 Cayman S broke in less than 40000. More than $1100 each time.

Heywood S. said
586 days ago
2011 Boxster, 21,000 miles, cable broke leaving me in 2nd gear coming off exit 71 ramp of I95 in Florida... able to limp to repair ... cost $1,300.. depending on place and time of day I consider this very dangerous....

Kurt F. said
541 days ago
I have a 2009 Carrera S with 61,000 miles and the cable broke while I was driving. Scared the shit out of me!

Fitzpatrick A. said
533 days ago
2009 Porsche Cayman Base Std 50k miles just exit from me home and the cable broke to 2 gear. PORSCHE NEED TO FIX THIS PROBLEM. Is really Dangerous!!

Dana L. said
518 days ago
2010 Boxster 2.9L - Taking off from a stop light my gearshift went limp. Could only move the shifter front and back but stuck in 2nd gear. waited a week for Porsche to get parts. Porsche dealership came to deliver my Boxster to my work. I then got a call saying it happened again in my work parking lot to the Porsche worker who was delivering my car. They are taking it back to the dealership again. I already paid them $1404.43.

Gary H. said
476 days ago
Same here on my 2010 Boxster with 38,000 miles. In town in heavy traffic I shifted into 1st gear and then the shifter went bad. I was unable to shift out of 1st gear. I drove to my mechanic who replaced the shifter cables for $1,240.

Allen D. said
471 days ago
Replaced shifter cables 2006 911. Seems to have failed ama resulted in 2nd gear synchro damage.

Allen D. said
471 days ago
Replaced shifter cables 2006 911. Seems to have failed ama resulted in 2nd gear synchro damage.

Cheryl V. said
460 days ago
Bought a 2010 Boxster S with 48,000 miles on it a week ago. Shifter cable had been replace 3 1/2 years ago at about 20K. Took it for the first longish drive last night after I had plated it. Drove about 15 miles and was shifting after a stop light. Left the light, next thing I know, the shifter is useless and I'm stuck in 4th (luckily). Also luckily, I was only a mile from home, the area is relatively rural, and the only remaining light was green so I drove right into the garage. I didn't have the heart to tell my husband since it was late on a Thursday night. He can work on anything, but sure wasn't planning on finding out about Porsche repairs quite this soon. I will be ordering the Numeric Racing cables for replacement (once my husband confirms the issue).

456 days ago
Bought a 2007 Cayman S last May with 19k miles on it. Now has 23k miles and shifting, I heard/feel a pop, and my shifter just goes freely up and down from 3rd to 5th. Luckily, I was on a local road about to turn into the gym. I had to be "that guy" stuck at the left turn signal and they all had to go around me for an hour while I waited for a tow truck. Grateful that I was not on the highway or in traffic.

Peter C. said
448 days ago
40 km from Orange I shifted to fourth turning a corner and my shifter is stuck in fourth with the gear lever moving flopilly. Canberra Porsche fixed it and showed me the broken part... 2 hours later and the same thing happen3d and this time I’m stuck in 1st.... Porsche Canberra apologised and said the fault was with the part and they would replace under their authentic parts warranty... when will this happen next?

Gabriel B. said
448 days ago
Bought a Porsche Boxster 2005 has 44K on it, pulling out of a gas station, had to merge quickly into incoming traffic. All of the sudden I felt a pop and then my shifter had no response, stuck on 2nd gear, the guy behind me had to swerve out of the way, felt like too close of a call. Was not expecting that at all! I started searching, seems like it is a pretty common issue, I would have bought a warranty but they said they couldn't offer me one... which is just not cool. Expected a lot more from Porsche

Cheryl V. said
437 days ago
See my previous post (4 above this one). My husband installed the Numeric Racing cables and the car is shifting great and no noise noted (I've read a few posts that have said there is a noise from them). It took my husband (an electrician, and mechanic/restoration hobbyist) about 4 hours in total. Now I have peace of mind.

Michael R. said
425 days ago
I have had the same issue twice. The first time it happened it was slightly under 30K miles, replaced under warranty. Just happened again at ~65K miles. I was shifting (with my index and and middle fingers) from second to third in my neighborhood at ~25mph when the stick went limp. Recognized the feeling from the last time it happened. Luckily in 3rd gear I will be able to get to the dealership without a tow.

Edward M. said
400 days ago
I have just suffered the same issue with my 2006 Porsche 911 CS2. It is stuck in 3rd Gear.

Monica M. said
244 days ago
Having the same issue. We bought a Cayman S 2011 and recently gave the same problem while shifting something just "broke"
The agency (dealership) said it might be of bad shifting or driving. Gave a quotation of $2500 + workforce
Any suggestions where to start from?

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