Nissan named in class action lawsuit over defective continuously variable automatic transmissions in Altima vehicles

Nissan Motors

A class action complaint was filed on behalf of owners of Model Year 2013–2014 Nissan Altima vehicles (“Subject Vehicles”) which allegedly contain defective continuously variable automatic transmissions (“CVT”) that cause shuddering, hesitation, stalling, unusual noises, and ultimately, premature transmission failure. The CVTs pose a significant safety risk. When the shuddering occurs, momentum of the Subject Vehicle is suddenly lost, the rate of speed drops or the vehicle stalls, and the brake lights do not illuminate. The defect is especially dangerous because it manifests when the driver presses the accelerator. Just when the driver attempts to accelerate, nothing occurs. This is sometimes followed by an unexpected surge of power. The CVTs increase the risk that the driver will lose control and cause a collision.

When owners of Subject Vehicles seek repair of their defective transmissions, they are routinely informed that the transmission requires replacement, at a cost upwards of $3,000. With the replacement, the vehicles are then equipped with another defective CVT, and the cycle repeats.

According to the complaint, Nissan knew the CVTs were defective in this way, were prone to shuddering, hesitation, stalling, unusual noises, and eventual premature failure yet failed to disclose these material facts to Plaintiff and other Class members. Nissan misrepresented the safety risk the Subject Vehicles pose to occupants and the public. Nissan knowingly engaged in omissions of material facts and false and misleading representations regarding the performance of CVTs in the Subject Vehicles.

As a result of Nissan’s unfair, deceptive, and fraudulent conduct, Plaintiff and the other Class members received a car worth less than as represented and less than what they paid for when purchasing their Subject Vehicles.


Tenesha P. said
132 days ago
I am the owner of a 2011 Nissan Quest the cat transmission went out at120 k miles hasn’t run since.

schannelle m. said
122 days ago
Same cvt problem

schannelle m. said
122 days ago
Same cvt problem

Schannell M. said
111 days ago
2013 nissan altima on 08/24/2108 my car shut off while i was driving with traffic, glad i didnt get into an accident. Last month on 07/09/2018 i had a recall on cvt program, now my car would shut off i put into drive and reverse. Im still in payment on this vechicle 109,391 miles. Im towing i to stockton nissan tomorrow lets see what they can do.

Mojisola A. said
103 days ago
Have a 2012 Nissan Altima! The worst car I’ve ever had the car jerks, and is so unstable I don’t feel safe driving it. No one is willing to listen ! I can’t do anything with this car that worthless so upset! Will never recommend this brand of car to anyone

Benita S. said
16 days ago
2011 nissan Altima 2.5 4 cylinder transmission with out bought my car brand new very disappointing can afford to purchase another. Always keep up keep up on my car.

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