Miyoko’s Kitchen, Inc. named in class action lawsuit over misleading advertising

Miyoko’s Kitchen, Inc.


Miyoko’s Kitchen, Inc. manufactures, distributes, markets, labels and sells “alternative dairy” products, viz, foods that bear the name of dairy – butter, cheese, etc. The Products are sold to consumers by third parties from stores and online. The Products’ common principal display panel representations include (i) the brand name Miyoko’s, (ii) “European Style Cultured Vegan Butter,” (iii) Organic, (iv) Melts, Browns, Bakes & Spreads Like Butter and (v) a large yellow stripe down the front of the package.

As alleged in the complaint, the representations are misleading because despite representing it is a “form” of butter, the Products lack any milk or dairy ingredients and the functional, nutritional, sensory and organoleptic attributes which consumers associate with butter.


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