Mercedes-Benz USA sued over alleged defect in 2003- 2009 W211 gasoline E-Class Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Mercedes-Benz USA

Mercedes-Benz USA (“MBUSA”) was sued in a class action on behalf of Texas, Virginia and Georgia owners of 2003- 2009 W211 gasoline E-Class Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Plaintiffs bring the action to remedy Defendants’ unlawful actions in connection with the design, manufacture, marketing, distribution, and sale of these vehicles.  As alleged, due to undisclosed defects in the fuel tank, fuel sending unit, and evaporation tubes, the vehicles in question have underlying problems that result in gasoline vapor leaks inside the vehicle cabin and liquid gasoline leaks outside of the vehicle.

Daimler designed and manufactured over 300,000 gasoline E-Class vehicles for model years 2003-2009, which were shipped to the United States and sold by MBUSA. The models include the E350, E500, E550, E55 AMG, and E63 AMG.

Due to defects in the design and/or manufacturing, the vehicles at issue are prone to emit gasoline fumes into the cabin and leak raw gasoline from the gas tank outside of the vehicle. The defect is contained in or around the evaporation tubes located in the gasoline tank, which causes either or both the gasoline fumes to emanate from the tank and the liquid gasoline to leak out of the tank The gasoline leaks from the evaporation tubes and pools on top of the fuel sending units. Vehicle owners have also experienced raw gasoline pool underneath their vehicles. Others have had interior rear seats ruined by leaking gasoline. Owners have also experienced strong odors of gasoline in the closed confines of the vehicle cabins.

  •  Class:  All current and former former owners and lessees of 2003-2009 Mercedes-Benz E350, E500, E550, E55 AMG, and E63 AMG that reside in Texas, Virginia or Georgia


Stuart L P. said
2224 days ago
Same problem. removed rear seat, insulation and unscrewed cover in floor panel to expose fuel sending unit. Found small puddle of gasoline-soaked road dirt and sand in the recess of the fuel sending unit. Cleaned this up and hand tightened the screw-down retainer (it was not fully tight) which did not solve the problem. Next I had the gasket replaced (new green version) by a certified mechanic, problem now worse and gasoline odor is starting to encroach into cabin.

Brandon a. said
1868 days ago
Does this not include E320?

SYDNEY M. said
1656 days ago
Re: 2003 E 320
Since the past 3 days, starting smelling gasoline inside car.
Strong smell was coming from rear inside car. I remove back seat and check unit on left side in rear. after removing cover from sending unit notice lot of gas leaking from unit.

nelson f. said
1188 days ago
I had the same problem. there is no t an easy solution as the cover for evaporation hose is fusioned to the tank . The problem is tehjoin broken maybe by bad quality of the seal.

Soo K. said
1128 days ago
I have the same problem with my 2008 E350 about a month ago. I found the article about recall regarding Fuel smell. I checked the gas leaking by removing back seat. I called the dealer but they simply said that my car is not on their recall list.

1109 days ago
Call mercedes usa tell them youre problem the will add you to the list my dealer were very rude and. Treated me like. Crap whlen you call mercedes usa ask zaied hes great

jerome k. said
962 days ago

Veronica S. said
928 days ago
I have same issue of strong gas fumes in cabin and outside 2006 Mercedez Benz E350. I purchased the auto used two months ago (June 20, 2016). There was no indication of a fuel problem on the dealers Carfax report. When I called the dealer, they were extremely rude and said that the issue had been brought to the attention of the previous owner in Feb 2016 but that the owner decided not to have the repair made due to costs. I am now stuck with an automobile that is too dangerous to drive and too dangerous to park in a public area due to possibility of explosion.

Joshua M. said
645 days ago
I didn't know about this till I was looking to see if thereby was any lawsuits on failed struts or airbags but i bought a 2003 E500 two month ago and I noticed the first couple of weeks everytime I pumped gas i could smell it like it was inside my car and my gas would disappear quick. I don't think any repairs done at all as fair as recalls

Wayne K. said
645 days ago
I Purchased my 2005 E-320 new and have had this problem over and over again. Two replacements of fuel tank and back seat cushion. I am still having problems with the smell after the last replacement 6 weeks ago. Not sure if the class action law suite has settled but would consider participation. This is extremely dangerous and even causes health issues.

Steven Y. said
623 days ago
Is this class-action law suit still in the process? I have a 2010 C300 that's doing the same thing - smell of fuel inside & outside of my car but the serious problem was a pool of gas that leaks in to the under body panel. The dealer said it's the fuel sending unit cover and seal which costs over $1000 to repair. This is NOT right.

Rhonda B. said
256 days ago
I own a 05 e320 with a fuel smell so rich in the cabin that we cannot drive the car. I was looking for an answer for the problem when I ran across this post. I did not see an e320 as being one of the vehicles with this problem but I definitely do share this same misery with everyone else on here.

Sunny S. said
42 days ago
Same Issue, Im yet to check the sending unit. Is this class action in process still/settled?

Sunny S. said
42 days ago
Same Issue, Im yet to check the sending unit. Is this class action in process still/settled?

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