Lawyers investigating a potential class action lawsuit on behalf of consumers who purchased sunscreen from the Honest Company.

The Honest Co.


The company touted a sunscreen as SPF 30 with “broad spectrum, mineral-based protection.” Numerous consumers however complained that the product is ineffective and as a result they have suffered sunburns after being outside for a short periods of time

The FDA requires sunscreen products to use up to 25% of zinc oxide. A recent investigation by NBC found the Honest Company at some point dropped the percentage of the ingredient from 20% to 9.3%.

If you purchased sunscreen from the Honest Company and suffered sunburns despite application we want to hear from you.  Please share your story here or if you wish to find out more about the investigation and your legal rights, please use the Contact A Lawyer Privately box below.

Varduhi A. said
1194 days ago
Having the same issue with sunscreen. I also received their free trial with multi surface cleaner, soap, lotion...

Becky d. said
1191 days ago
I used Honest Co sunscreen twice within a four hour period and have the worst sunburn of my life. My legs, back and chest and completely crispy and burned. It's painful and I'm not able to get any relief. I thought I was covered my applying sunscreen, as it usually completely protects me. I've never had this issue before and am suffering the consequences of the product not being what it said it was.

Margaret H. said
1191 days ago
I applied the sunscreen twice in a four hour period as well as letting my friends who needed sunscreen borrow it as well. I applied a much more expensive sunscreen from Sephora to my face and neck at the same time that I applied and reapplied Honest. My neck and face are barely pink while my legs and arms are burnt with the beginning formations of blisters. The pain from the sunburn keeps waking me up every few hours once the painkillers wear off.

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