Volkswagen / 2012 VW Tiguan Panoramic Sunroof Leak

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Panoramic Sunroof Leak. I purchased this vehicle new in the fall of 2012. It currently has over 100,000 miles on it. Several months ago I noticed that the roof leaked when it rained. The leak initially began over the drivers' side and has since expanded. When it rains very hard for an extended period of time, water builds up in the spare time area and comes into the car underneath the back seat. I learned that there was a previous class action suit (Dewey), however this suit included previous models of the Tiguan. Apparently the defect was not corrected even after this last suit. The water leak appears to be causing other issues. For example, my airbag light is now on. The cost to repair is several thousand dollars. According to the mechanic at the VW Dealership, the Tiguan model also has an engine defect that is common and he recommended that we "get rid of it". I am unable to get assistance from VW of America. They claim the car's mileage is outside of the warranty and I contend this is a manufacturer's defect and should not be subject to the warranty. When I purchased the vehicle I also purchased an extended warranty for several thousand dollars that is apparently expired now. This car cost in excess of $30K new and this defect along with the response I received from VW is not acceptable.

Gerald B. said
256 days ago
I have a 2009 with the leaking panoramic sunroof, windows fogged on inside like dew on the windshield.I just discovered this today. Youtube had videos on how to make the repairs.I repaired driver side fixed it today.then i checked the tire well and it was full of water. I googled VW Tiguan panoramic roof leak. that's where I found class action suit for 69 million. I then called VW that advised me it was pass the warranty. I told her of the suit, she put me on hold,came back and said sorry can't help you have a nice weekend1

Julia K. said
130 days ago
I've got the same issue with my 2012 Tiguan, has there been any further action on this matter? The Airbag light and other warning light are now lit up like a christmas tree

Elizabeth G. said
63 days ago
I am having this same issue with my 2012 Tiguan. My driver's side filled with water under the petals and now I'm told there is mold growing in the carpet. Was told I needed to drain the lines in the sunroof ($500+dollars...I just spent $3,000 a few weeks ago to replace the turbo).

Kirsten H. said
57 days ago
Another 2012 Tiguarium driver here. And I also just had to replace the turbo (at 50,000 miles!). My car is full of water. I JUST had the drains cleaned out at the dealer two months ago.

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