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recently just enrolled in UEI and am only in my second mod in the medical billing. I am so regretting enrolling in this school. They are nothing but money hungry bullies. There has to be some way to go about this the correct way so I will not be in debt and they will not once again Rob a hopeless bank that has no money to begin with. Their class structure is horrible and the teachers are over worked and are no where near meeting our individual academic requirements. UEI should be morally and generally ashamed of their all around core code of conduct... It's is beyond me why they continuously prey on the week.. Especially after the $9 million law suit back in 2016... But I guess that is why they revised their admissions papers made sure to cross every little T and more than dot all their I's. So much to the affect They through in some arbitrary papers and pressured us to sign on the dotted line of debt aka... These assholes know what they are doing. 90 % of us coming in to not read the fine print. And they know this. So in reality it is a strong form of preying on the week... And this definitely needs to be addressed because at this point I see another law suit brewing. They are about to terminate me for my attendance.. I think that is way wrong. We pay them X amount money and I think I deserve a little more than you telling me I have to go assholes!! You owe me a goddamn education and certificate and I should be able to it on my time since it is in my time after all

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