transmission went out, nobody seems can't fix it, accelerates on its own

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Nichole C. said
2120 days ago
Took it in for repair, shop has had it for 6 weeks and still can't repair it, I don't have alot of money to replace it, I can only afford to rebuild it but because of the VCR it seems impossible. Also it accelerates out of no where on it's own, very scar and dangerous. Because I bought it from a used car lot DI I have any rights?

Diana M. said
2050 days ago
Have a 2007 ford freestyle. A year ago it started accelerating on its own. Almost hit someone twice and almost hit a car once. One month ago transmission started slipping took it to repair shop. Transmission is gone 5800.00 to repair. I just paid it off and it only has 83000 miles on it. We can't afford to buy another car and we were just going to be car payment free. I have never ever had a car that did this. Now it is sitting in the shop as junk. I just out brand new tires on it and new brakes. I am furious. This obviously is a problem with this car. I will NEVER buy a ford again. Is there anything I cAn do

Jennifer C. said
2026 days ago
Ford Freestyles mine was a 2006. I so not recommend these cars. I have a Ford expedition with well of 200,000 miles an is a 2003. My ford freestyle had 197,000. The shop said transmission was bad $5,800. The motor an from suspension was also about to go. I had we'll over $10,000 in repairs. Needless to say I traded it in as it was an was able to get $2,500 for it.

Shelly N. said
1949 days ago
I have a 2005 Freestyle also. 96,000 miles. My car had no warning signs just while driving the transmission light came on, car lunged and totally stopped while in traffic.

Jennifer G. said
1910 days ago
I have a 2007 Freestyle and had the transmission fail 3 hours from home and in the freezing cold. It went at 64,000 miles. It was still covered under the extended warranty. That I purchased separate. It was only 20,000 after I purchased it from a certified ford dealer. It is messed up again.......

Eileen S. said
1531 days ago
I submitted my problem in March of 2013 at that time my transmission in my 2005 Ford Freestyle had failed - same issues as posted - whinging noise, wrench light on, car loosing power while driving then transmission completely fails. No one can fix, I waited 2 months was without a car, to pay $7000 to get a new one from Ford installed. For the past year I have had this problem starting up with the new transmission wrench light coming on loosing power - brought back to Ford they could not find a problem. I now have the whining and have appointment to bring back to Ford. My car was paid for in 2013 I had to take out a loan against it to get the new trans - I am still paying for it and got charged $300 when I brought my car in the last time the wrench light came on because Ford said that they could not find a problem.

Rebecca H. said
1056 days ago
My 2005 Ford Freestyle issues stared with a motor mount needing replaced. Paid for that then my car started to idle high and it would try to go on it's own when put in gear. There was a recall to have the throttle body cleaned or repaired and mine only qualified for a repair(that's what the dealership said) A few months later my car started losing power at random and just kind of shut down. Again with the throttle body. I had to buy a used one(and it took my weeks to find one) for $400. And while my car has a lot of miles, it's always been well taken care of. Now my transmission is going out.

John B. said
1051 days ago
My transmission just ceased up while my wife was driving. Transmission is shot. 2007 Ford Freestyle. I would like to be a part of the suite.

renee p. said
378 days ago
bought 2005 ford freestyle nice car except a noise in the transmission and cant find anyone to fix it unless we have 6-8 thousand dollars what happen to our dream car need help

renee p. said
378 days ago
bought 2005 ford freestyle nice car except a noise in the transmission and cant find anyone to fix it unless we have 6-8 thousand dollars what happen to our dream car need help

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