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Oil Consumption issue. I brought in my 2008 Scion 1.5 years ago when it started ticking. At this point it had 152,000 miles. They charged me $1200 and the car was still ticking when I picked it up. They said they fixed THAT issue but there was another ticking noise, and in order to figure it out they would have to tear down the engine. I didn't do that. Fast forward, I've been putting oil in my car every 2-3 weeks for a while now, and 3 weeks ago it broke down and now I'm in need of a new engine. I just learned about the class action lawsuit regarding the oil consumption issue, so I called the dealer. I heard through a friend that works there that b/c I was over the mileage by 2000, they didn't test the oil issue. So I'm now thinking they won't even consider buying me an engine. Any experience with this?

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