Rear Differential burning up and oil leaking

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I bought a 2015 Ford Expedition EL in April new. 3 weeks later on a trip, the whole rear underside of my suv was smoking and had oil leaking everywhere. The rear differential completely burned up and Ford Motor Company replaced my vehicle with another new 2015 Ford Expedition EL 82 days later. It only had 1517 miles on it. I have only had the new Ford for 2 weeks and on July 26th traveling to Oregon, the new suv had the same issue. We broke down and the rear differential is burned up with only 1599 miles on it. This is a safety issue especially if the rear locks up and you are going down the highway at the speed limit. Two new vehicles in several months with the same problem. We did break in the vehicle for 1000 miles before towing and we had a small 12 foot box trailer in tow when this has happened both times.

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