paint chipping on 2015 kia soul

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I purchased a new 2015 kia soul in April of 2015.I about a 2 months time I found paint clipping on side fender and hood.Went to deal showed him issue he took pictures and said he would have to contact kia to send rep. Look on line and seen other people having same issue and were told it was do to pebbles on road and would not cover problem.Having own many cars over 30 years I've never seen paint just chip off to primer after only 4 mouth of driving. Can you help me this seems to be a world wide problem with kia paint.

Tanesha A. said
212 days ago
2013 Kia Sorento stripped paint. I have the same issue. I noticed the rear roof near antenna panel totally stripped down to primer. Of all the cars I’ve owned this has never happened.

Mark F. said
45 days ago
2016 Kia Soul (Newport blue colour) with just over 40,000 km. No grid, gravel, etc. road driving - all paved. Same issue, noticed speckling around the hood as well as above front and rear wheel wells. Took to dealer (Hudson Kia in Listowel, ON) and spoke with Service Manager. He said he is 99% sure Kia will not do anything about it and even mentioned that he owns a Kia Soul with 15,000 km and having the same issue - not acceptable. Speckling is right down to the grey primer. Service Manager did the same thing as above, took picture, and had me sign a form, which they will be sending to the manufacturer.

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