Nissan Rogue faulty CVT transmission

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the CVT transmission is faulty. We just replaced it for almost $4,000. The new transmission warranty is only for 12,000 miles

Elizabeth C. said
774 days ago

Melissa C. said
592 days ago
Do my mechanic just told me that Nissan will not warranty my transmission if I do not add the external oil cooler, however it's not covered by Nissan!
This is completely messed up! I am so mad!

Janeene G. said
509 days ago
I purchased a 2013 Nissan Rogue in December of 2013 the transmission went up in July 2015 Nissan covered the repair it went up again in August 2017 Nissan will not cover it I have had the car voluntarily repossessed and now am being sued for the balance

andy D. said
503 days ago
we have the same issue with our 2013 rogue, the transmission went. its going to be $4800 to get it fixed and the mechanic at AAmaco said it would probably fail again within a year or so because they are junk.

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