Kia Will Not Correct Auto Problems Until Warranty is Expired

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I have been complaining about the same issues with my Kia Soul from about the 40,000 mark at multiple dealers trying to address the issue and got the run around. I have done everything the dealers service has told me to do to correct the problem for it to only get worst. My Kia at 86,000 is out of most of the warranty and is rattling worse than my old ranch truck that's beat to death. I take it to the dealer for the same they can fix it, and I can pay for it. I also found out that every time I brought my car in to a dealership, unless they made a repair it was not documented. Then when you approach management about the issue they can claim, "Our records only show one or two visit..". Further pressed, they will come up will come up with excuses. Yet, you still have to pay to fix your car because your bumper to bumper warranty is expired. It is a circle of unaccountablity

Kenneth S. said
1263 days ago
2010 kia rio 139 k bought brand new cared for gentle misfires multi missfires from year 2 and on Kia would clear the code and send me on the way stating they couldnt find a problem not fixed complaint not entered into the computer at 2 years i replaced my front end at my local shop and was told i no longer had a warrenty because i didnt use a kia dealer ship i later found that to be false my local shop was on 2 way with me and we discussed it in depth after the call to kia was terminated my car is now in inedquity and i may be forced to vonenterally repo it ive alreay put over a thousand dollars into it 2 months ago and again the same engine codes kia has an engine issue

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