Honda Odyssey

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The Honda Odyssey has the same problem with faulty automatic sliding doors as the Toyota Sienna. Toyota did the right thing and recalled those models to fix the doors, but Honda has yet to do the right thing. I own a 2010 Odyssey and had to have the mechanism removed on the passenger side, and now the driver's side door will follow because it is completely frozen, no matter which mode it's in. I have spoken to numerous other owners with the same issue. Why has this not been recalled? A mechanic told me that he has seen these doors fall off on people when they have to force the door open to get their kids out, which scares me because I've had to force the doors open and closed many times now. This is a huge safety issue! There ought to be a class action lawsuit to force them to do the right thing!

Michael M. said
572 days ago
Sliding door on my Honda Odyssey just fell off causing damage to exterior of car and damage to door. Both doors had been making noise and this particular door started jamming. This is a huge safety issue as well. From all of the posts on the internet it seems to be a recurring problem that Honda has been unwilling to recall even though peoples safety is at risk.

Crislane A. said
113 days ago

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