2004 kia sorento

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harmonic balancer bolt comes loose 3rd time

Adolph V. said
1691 days ago
I have been told that there is not a recall on this issue and there should be

bob z. said
1689 days ago

Mary Beth S. said
1679 days ago
Kia Sorento 2005 I just got off the phone with Kia Consumer response as the crank shaft bolt broke off and ruined my engine. They said there was no recall on my vin number vehicle. How can it be with all the things I am reading here. So disappointed. any suggestions for the next step

Mark N. said
1626 days ago
I bought a 2003 Kia Sorento, six days later the harmonic balancer came off got it repaired nine days later it came off again took it to the Kia dealership they repaired it two weeks later it came off again after paying them 1318.22 for the repair. I"ve lost two jobs and I'm trying to keep from ending up homeless.

Qadeera K. said
1507 days ago
The harmonic balancer came off while driving on interstate 95 through West Virginia going 75 miles a hour and my two children were in the car. I took it to the Kia dealership in West Virginia and they fixed it September 12th 2014. Now its broke off again while Iam on interstate 75. Taking it back to a Kia dealership here in Michigan

Mary N. said
1476 days ago
I am replacing my harmonic balancer and bolt on my 2004 Kia Sorento for the second time,

Stephen D. said
1421 days ago

Lisa H. said
1414 days ago
My 04 kia sorento has been sitting collecting dust for years now after the crankshaft bolt broke while driving trashing the motor. Mine was included in the service bulletin but It only covered the bolt itself and not the damage it caused. What poor customer service and appreciation. Zero kia loyalty.

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