GMC/Chevy Traverse issues

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This a good one. I have a traverse 2011 I brought brand new, I was given three different ones do to issues with the first two. This car for years it has has engine, oil, cat, converts and trans problems. The dealer thought I was crazy however it have a service folder 2 inches thick. I have since found out that all the issues it has had are a result of a lawsuit cause by faulty pistons rings on a similar vehicle where someone finally held Chevy responsible. Now I know the car is old and has a ton of miles but to correct the issues it will now cost $12,000 but I am wondering if anything can be done knowing that Chevy is aware of the problem and I have financially been fixing a problem that they knew about and did nothing. The dealer did everything they could but the work required is due to the faulty piston rings.

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