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I have a 2009 GMC Acadia. It is a pre-owned vehicle that I purchased in 2012. I’ve performed regular oil changes since I’ve had it. It started intermittently giving timing codes. I’ve had the camshaft and crankshaft sensors replaced, tuneups, emu replaced, only to have these intermittent problems to increasingly get worse. Eventually, the engine fail to start. I hesitated to take it to the dealership because I always feel that they are disingenuous and out to get a buck. I was informed that my Acadia failed the compression test which indicated that the engine either needed to be rebuilt or replaced at the tune of $4000 - $7000, depending on which option I took and the amount of labor involved. During this time, I became aware of the extended warranty for timing chain wear that GM had implemented. When I brought this to their attention, the told me it would cost roughly $400 plus for them to diagnose it, and IF they found any signs of lack of maintenance (oil changes), I would have to absorb the entire cost. I felt that they were attempting to wiggle out of the obligation of honoring the extended warranty. They could have easily, falsely claimed that they found sludge to avoid honoring the extended warranty. I couldn’t afford to risk that happening. So now I’m paying for a vehicle that seemingly will cost half of what I owe on it to repair it to running condition. I’m a public school teacher, and frankly do not have what it will take to repair my Acadia. I’ll have to finance this repair or simply replace the vehicle.

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