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Multiple GM vehicles, my 2009 Impala included, are prone to repeated throttle body failure. This entails the vehicle going into Limo Mode or Engine Power Reduced while driving. There was a small recall done that reimbursement some owners for previous repairs but exempted anyone with over 125K miles on their vehicles and did not offer a permanent solution to the reoccurring issues due to design flaws.

Christina S. said
206 days ago
I'm having the same problem with my 07 check y Tahoe..I would have to take the battery cable off an put it back on to get it to restart or sit for 30 minutes or so ,an wait for it to start back up. I have had nothing but problems with this truck I just don't no what to do.its really saf that the dealership is aware of the problems but just keeps on wanting more money from people..Once u fix one thing then here come another..They will tell u it's one thing to get your money , bit it's actually something else wrong..The dealership only have temporary fixes for these motors and they need to recall them. I'm scared Everytime I drive my truck. I taking a chance Everytime I drive cause it's the only thing I have at the moment.

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