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In August of 2013 I purchased a used 2010 Ford Fusion Sport AWD with the 3.5L V6 engine. It was a sport looking car and did pretty good in the snow. Along with the car the dealer convinced me to get the Premium Plus Extended Warranty as it covered all of the expensive electronics along with pretty much everything else. Seeing as the NAV system alone could be very expensive, it seemed like a good idea. Fast forward to September of 2015. I had to work on the morning of Sept 12, 2015. On the way home from work I glanced down at the gauges and noticed the temperature needle was pegged at H. No warning lights, nothing else to alert me. I immediately turned the heat on high in the car to help cool and looked for a quick, safe place to pull over. As I rounded a corner, the check engine light came on, the engine sputtered and shut off. Fortunately I was able to pull it off the road and out of traffic safely. A lot of steam was coming out from under the hood. I popped the hood to look and saw a lot of steam from the front, lower part of the engine. My initial assumption was most likely the lower radiator hose as the steam seemed to be under pressure. The engine was so stuffed in there I was not able to clearly see the hose. The extended warranty has a $100 deductible so I decided to have it flat towed to a local shop to have the hose replaced as I was headed out of town in less than two days and didn't have the time to do it myself. On Monday, September 14th the local shop called, saw the car and read my note about the problem. Said they would order a hose as it was a FORD only part. I called the next morning and they said they were pressure testing the system as we speak and to call back that afternoon. I called again that afternoon and was told it was not the hose, but in fact the water pump and it was a huge job. Now having done most of my own mechanical work over the years, I was a bit perplexed that a water pump could be that hard to replace. I told them I had an extended warranty and to not go any further; that I would have it towed to the dealership. I called my insurance and it was towed to the FORD dealer. On Wednesday, September 16th I landed at my destination and found there was a voicemail from the dealer. I called and the dealer told me it was in fact the water pump, it was a huge job and the engine had to be pulled to replace it. He said it would be two weeks to repair. I asked about a rental car upon my return the following week and they said no problem. On Monday, September 21st I went to the dealer and they had Hertz pick me up and get me a rental car. On Thursday, September 24th I called the service department and asked if we were still on track for completion on Friday the 25th. I was told that no, in fact there was coolant in the oil. They had sent a picture to FORD and were waiting on them to approve a new engine. He told me it would be either Friday or Monday. I called again on Monday, September 28th and was told the engine was approved and should be shipped by Wednesday. He said the car was already apart and it would only take a day or so to put the new one in. Not hearing from the dealer, I again called on October 1st. I was told not only was the engine not in, but it was on back-order with no ETA from FORD. I was told it was escalated to FORD and someone from FORD should have called me. I told him no one has contacted me at all. I called again on Monday, October 5th and was told still no ETA and he would (finally) escalate to the dealer service manager. I called again on Thursday, October 8th and was now getting an attitude. He told me there was still no ETA and gave me the 1-800-392-FORD number to call. I spoke to Boris at FORD who found the case after I provided the VIN number. I was told that the engine was not scheduled to ship until October 26th. A full month-and-a-half after I dropped the car off. I was not happy and asked to speak to a Supervisor. He told me there wasn't one. I said you have to work for someone and I want to speak to them. I was again given the run around, placed on hold forever and then told no one was available. Of course this was total BULLSHIT, but hey its FORD right? I asked to have one call me and gave my number. A supervisor did in fact call me back the next day, spewed the same crap that Boris told me and that was that. A complete waste of time. On Friday, October 9th I sent an email to Mark Fields and William Ford laying out the timeline and expressing my displeasure that it takes 2 months to fix a car on a warranty I paid extra for. I waited and nothing. On Wednesday, October 14th I received a call from a woman at FORD customer care who gave me her number, said she was assigned the case and then told me the same October 26th garbage. I hung up. The following week on October 21st, she again calls back, gives me the same line, but now she has a Parts guy on the phone. He proceeds to tell me the engines are rebuilt and they have to wait for good cores to come in. I was told there was almost 100 engines waiting. They come in, have to be torn down and tested to determine if they were usable. I said you still make the 3.5L V6, give me a new one. He said they don't make that version any more. I said given what a shitty design it was, I wonder why. I told him they either need to get me an engine and pay me for the lost value of the car as I was in the process of selling it, or pay me the full market retail value as of 9/15 and I will walk away. They can crush the car for all I care. He said he couldn't authorize that. I said I am sure someone can. I then asked him "Do you think it is reasonable to wait two months for a car to be repaired that I paid extra for an Extended Warranty for?" He said no, but there was nothing he could do (see the theme here). I hung up on them. I re-sent my letter to the Chairman and CEO at FORD along with several other high level players. Apparently this time it worked as I had a woman named Karen Jones from the Executive office call me. She once again started parroting the same Bullshit the others have told me with no information. I told her I either want my car fixed now and to be compensated for the lost value or to have the car bought at market value as of 9/15 and I will walk away. She said they can't do that. I said your CEO makes millions and can do anything he wants, its his company. She started to argue and I told her to go away and not call back until she had positive news and hung up. She calls me right back and says I think we were disconnected. I said no, you can go away and not call me back until you have news and hung up again. By this time I have filed complaints with the NHTSA due to the failure to warn and sudden loss of power due to the engine shutting down without any warning. I also filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, NYS Attorney Generals Office, NYS Consumer Protection Agency, and the Better Business Bureau. I called both the service rep and Karen on 10/26, the day the engine was to ship. I left voicemail's for both with no call back. On Tuesday, October 27th Karen calls me. She tells me she sent a message to the engine rebuilding and they said probably next week. I said probably could be December. She said I did not say that. I said probably is different than definitely and means nothing; it could be December. She said he told her I was number 9 out of 90 in line. She said she would reach out to the engine building on November 3rd for an update. I said you are with the executive office correct? She said yes. I said then what the hell are you doing for me?? She said they were doing everything to expedite it. She is nothing more than an executive mouthpiece trying to keep me quiet. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! After I got off the phone I wrote to Senator Charles Schumer and explained the whole deal along with what I want, either the car fixed ASAP, or to be bought out. Their office is working on it. So here we are on November 2nd, 49 days and counting and still no car. FORD does not give a shit about its customers. In addition, due to their flawed design, 100's of other customers are out also. Google "Ford 3.5L v6 water pump" and you will see the issue over and over and over. Go to their Facebook page and look at Posts to Page. Thousands of customers with broken cars, many new, who are waiting months and months for fixes or parts. Many who have had their warranty claims denied. FORD is a corrupt, dishonest company who thinks they can just steamroll everyone. I will continue on my quest to get my car back or get paid so I can move on and never, ever buy a POS FORD again.

Chris C. said
511 days ago
I had the same problem. 2010 Fusion Sport 3.5L V6. Water pump catastrophic failure caused $6700 in damage to the engine. No warning signs, and only 67,000 miles on the car.

310 days ago
Same here. 2011 Ford Fusion Sport AWD. At 83,000 miles all of a sudden the engine dies without warning, Car goes to dealer where serviced since new and told the water pump failed leading to catastrophic failure. The dealer told me no new engine could be had. my only options was to get one from a salvage yard for $5,000-$6,000 installed.

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