Ford Misaligned Body 2015 Mustang

Issue Status: Discussion

Ford will not admit or resolve my (and hundreds of others) misaligned body gap problems. I personally worked with them and multiple 'case managers' to resolve the issue, but they say it falls within spec. FYI, and example Ford spec for the gap at the front of the hood where it meets the front fascia is, 4mm +/- 2.3mm. This spec is to be measured at only one spot along the gap, straightness does not factor into their spec. Another example of straightness, my hood is at the extreme low end of the spec on the driver side (1.98mm) and extreme high on the pass side (6.187mm), however these points still fall within spec even though they differ by more than 4mm. This results in a noticeable crooked gap. Is something like this even class-actionable? I feel like Ford is not addressing this, and doesn't care. I know I could get at least 100 people or more behind something like this from all the talk I've heard on facebook groups and the forums. Im sure their are hundreds more.

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