Ford F150 -- new engine

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My 2010 Ford F150 has only 145000 km and I was just told by service center that I need a new engine. I had mentioned a ticking noise in the engine a number of times during routine maintenance but was told it was an exhaust noise, or sound couldn't be reproduced, etc. In the last couple of weeks I noticed a rough idle, when vehicle got warm, to a loud 'diesel sounding' noise from the engine and loss of power. After the ford service center read the codes and took it for a test drive, the advise that I could do a pressure test to see if the engine is shot, but they recommend new engine, as codes they pulled show problem with timing and phaser something or another. I am shocked as I dutifully completed my regular oil changes. And of course, now I am researching this problem and it is all over the Internet of problems with this 5.4 engine. Too late for me I guess, but I sure would like for Ford to own up to this. Thanks.

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