Ford F150 5.4 -- failed oil pump

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I bought a 2004 F150 5.4 brand new.In 2010 with 80,000 miles my oil pump failed,I had always had my truck serviced at my local garage.I was unable to get any help from my Ford dealer or corp.I replaced the motor with a jasper 5.4. Which was not cheap.

1147 days ago
Yes, I am having the very same issue with my 2009 Ford Expedition with 75,000 miles on it. Oil Pump failure ruined engine and am now replacing it with a Jasper 5.4L remanufactured engine that comes with a much beefier oil pump in it.

keith m. said
1109 days ago
just replaced my motor for the same reason,oil pump went out but before that it was the cam phaser

Roger H. said
983 days ago
I to replaced an engine at 70,000 miles at a dealer neer 8,000 dollars. 08-f-150fwd . When stopping the engine would sound like it was out of oil in the bottom end . The mech couldn't hear anything, only time I could hear it was after braking, I was passing the dealership and had to brake for a car ,it started rattling . I just put it in neutral and coasted in , got the mech to come out ,he said I can't hear anything as we walked . I started it and he said you got something going on ! Left it overnight,he drained the oil out seen fine shavings stuck a little magnet through the hole out came larg shards . Going to pull oil pan next, pan had lots of metal. End results was tho crank was moving .250 forward 1/4inch The 5w20 had to be thin due to tolerances and my crank was moving enough to shut off the oil flow to the bottom end .thrust washer on the crank is where all the shavings came from , not problem of the oil pump. Ford fixed the problem , they stopped with the 5.4 and started dropping in the 5.0 couple years ago ! They knew they had a problem with that engine

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