Ford F 150 -- Leaking satellite antenna and leaking third brake lights

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I purchased a 2010 Ford F 150 new on 31 May 2010, as of 21 Nov 2015 it has only 31000 miles. I just got this truck out of the shop after I discovered that my carpets were soaking wet. It was discovered that the satellite antenna and the third brake light were allowing water into the cab of the truck. The Ford dealer charged $444. to replace the satellite antenna. The wanted another $300 to replace the third brake light., I purchased a new light for $100.23 and had it installed for $10.00. The real problem comes in the form of the damages done to the carpet, carpet pad, headliner and seats. I was luck that my wires that run thru the threshold of the doors were not affected. The auto restoration shop removed a gallon of water out of the truck, half of that was water that was removed after the carpets were removed. It took 7 days for the truck to be dried out, and the floors treated to prevent mold, and mildew. The cost of cleaning the seats, and replacement of the headline runs into hundreds of dollars more. Ford has know these item leak for many years, some Ford owners who own F-150 from 1989 had stated they have this problem. There are stories all over the internet, and in the F-150 forums concerning not only leaks as I have mentioned above, but leaks in the corners of the rear windows, as well as leaking rear siding windows. The water on the brake lights are leaking into the headlines and then running down the inside of the interior trim, so the damage isn't known until you step into a puddle of water. Same with the antenna leaks, runs down the wire behind the hand hold on the right side of the front seat, and inside the trim to the carpet. Overall I have already spent $955.00 and still need to clean the seats and replace the headliner. Ford is well aware of the problem, and I did make a formal complaint and was given a case number. The Ford dealer says Ford knows about this for many years, and should have recalled the trucks as far back as 1998, that Ford should pay for these repairs. In fact, ford issued a Technical service bulletin 10-4-7 telling dealers to use 1/8 inch of silicone around the antenna base. This was to cover trucks built at Dearborn before 1/12/2010 or at Kansas city before 1/18/2010. My truck was built on 3/10/2010 and was not included in the TSB. Ironically, the factory applied the TSB to my truck, and when the antenna was replaced, the remains of the silicone is clearly seen on the antenna base, as well as the roof of my truck. Ford should issue a recall, and pay for these damages, or a Class Action Law suit should be started.

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