Ford Escape 1.6 Turbo - Transmission Failure

Issue Status: Discussion

Transmission complete failure . Called and discussed this with consumer affair dept said i should take it to dealer for further diagnosis.Called the dealer and was informed if i had not brought it from the dealer,or had never had it serviced at the dealer there would be nothing that Ford would do for me. so instead of towing to another facility i had it repaired by my auto tech at the cost of 4900.00 I believe after looking into this at several sites this is a very common problem for my 2013 Ford escape 1.6 Turbo. and after further reading found out same trans in chevrolet cruise and other models having The same issues, I do not believe at 90,000 Miles on a 4 year old car that has been serviced properly should have a 5000.00 dollar problem that ford and chevy will not even consider looking into.

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