Chrysler Jeep motor issues

Issue Status: Discussion

Time Line Date Incident February 28, 2014 Purchased Vehicle from Bayside Chrysler Jeep at 212-19 Northern Boulevard Bayside, NY 11361 July 9, 2015 The vehicle starts to make a loud winding sound for approximately 1.5 hours. July 16, 2014 Vehicle makes winding sound and stalls to 20 miles an hour on highway. The car eventually stalls and is forced to remain on the shoulder of I-80 East for approximately an hour. Car is started again and problem is resolved. Lauren Meredith and Joseph Rand are in the car. July 17, 2014 As per appointment, car is taken into Bayside Chrysler Service and is returned on 7/17/2014. No problem is found. July 22, 2014 Vehicle duplicates issue above but this time we are on I-80 and shoulder is not available. Lauren Meredith and Joseph Rand are in the vehicle and when attempting to find a shoulder to pull over to on Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania Water Gap Area are almost hit by a truck. July 23, 2014 A return receipt letter is sent to Chrysler Capita; regarding the issues. # 70073020000296087102 July 24,2 014 Car is towed by Chrysler Jeep Warranty to Gray Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. July 28, 2014 Car is released after driven for 5 miles. Could not recreate issue. August 31, 2014 Vehicle is being driven locally in the PA area and car recreates previous issue but this time it slows down to less than 5 miles per hour and the starts to accelerate and decelerate on its own. At one point the breaks do not function and we are then forced to use the emergency break. Coming down a hill on Winona Falls Road we skid into traffic Lauren Meredith, Sarah Meredith and Joseph Rand and are almost hit by traffic. September 2, 2014 Car is towed by Chrysler to Gray Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. September 8, 2014 Car is released by Gray Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and we are told that the aftermarket mat is causing the issue. October 2014 A complaint is made with Jeep Hotline 255-633-85. Case is never given any attention December 24, 2014 While driving to North Carolina, vehicle starts to make winding sound, over heating lamp comes on and car decelerates to 25 miles per hour on I-95. We pull over at a rest stop for an hour and it starts up again without any issue. July 24, 2015 While driving on I-495 vehicle with Andrew Edelstein, Ilyese Edelstein, Lauren Meredith and Joseph Rand, car starts winding sound and decelerates to 35 MPH on I-495. We are able to get off the exit at less than 20 MPH and park the car for more than an hour and car drives at usual rate. July 27, 2015 Car is driven to Bayside Chrysler Jeep and we tell them what the issue is . July 27, 2015 Bayside Chrysler calls us and informs us that they have driven the vehicle for 20 miles and there is no issue. July 27, 2015 We call a complaint number into Jeep for a second time-273-999-96 July 27, 2015 Car is not picked up by Joseph Rand or Lauren Meredith July 27, 2015 We are told by Jeep Hotline that the case will be escalated to Case Manager and we will receive a call in 1 business day. July 28 We call Jeep Hotline 1-877-426-5337 six times to ensure that the case will be seen before 6pm on July 28, 2015. July 28,2 015 At 5:45pm, we are instructed by Kathy of Jeep Hotline that the case was not referred to Case Manager and they did not call dealership. Kathy apologizes and informs me that the ball was dropped on their part. July 29, 2015 Joseph Rand speaks to Scott at Jeep Hotline who states that the case is very confusing and frustrating. He states that case will now take one to two more business days due to this mix up and apologizes. July 29, 2015 Joseph Rand persuades Jeep Hotline agent to give Joseph Rand a 3 day car loaner until this matter is resolved.

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