ABS failed causing accident, no airbag either, now recalled

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Christapher H. said
1716 days ago
On November 9, 2011, about 15 minutes after leaving the dealership for an oil change and asking them to look at our ABS, my wife was involved in an accident where she struck someone from behind after the brakes locked up (ABS did not deploy). Both she and my daughter (in the front pass seat) had injuries requiring months of chiropractic care (for which our car insurance company paid for out of the PIP claim). As well, our car was totaled, and since we did not have GAP coverage (it was our first new car) we had to pay the difference out to GM financial. We asked GM to investigate, they did (never actually looking at the car) and told us it was not the fault of the ABS, even though we had been complaining about it. Recently, we have heard of the following recalls: http://www.automd.com/recall/campaign_c103608/ and http://www.automd.com/recall/campaign_c103607/ - either or both of which could apply to us.

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