2015 Ford F350 suffers from loud jack hammering sound and total loss of acceleration

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Bought truck brand new in December 2914, at approx 5500 miles in April 2015 truck started having exposed of violent engine shaking/bucking along with a loud jackhammering sound and total loss of acceleration. Ford claimed they knew nothing about this. After numerous trips to the dealer Ford then said they were coming out with a fix in June 2015. The "fix" was a piece of paper stating that different driving habits can cause the truck to experience "rough running." What our truck is experiencing is not rough running but extremely dangerous as the truck starts violent bucking and looses all power. I haul horses and a 12,000 pound trailer with this truck and at any given time the truck will start doing that with no warning. Ford them out a data recorder on our truck to record these episodes. In August 2015 it went back into the dealer to remove the data recorder and Fords corporate office sent out one of their engineers to look at my truck. The engineer stated that this is a problem with Fords diesel motors and there is no permanent fix. A temporary doc would be to replace valves but the engineer said the problem would reoccur. He stated they could even go as far as replacing the motor but the problem would reoccur. I issued Ford a demand to repurchase the truck from us since their engineer has stated there is no fix and I can no longer safely drive the truck. It's dangerous and I am in fear that the violent shaking is going to cause me to kill myself or someone else. Ford denied my request to buy back the truck and said they would give me another diesel truck. I explained to them that the problem with our truck is not an isolated case and per their engineer there is a problem with the diesel motors and there is no fix. Ford them said they can downgrade me to a gas motor truck so they will not entertain a buyback. We ordered and purchased this truck for a specific reason- I haul horses long distances and most of the time by myself. This is extremely dangerous when hauling 12,000 pounds at highway speeds and Ford know about the problem but refuses to do anything about it. We are stuck with a truck that is extremely dangerous for highway use.

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