2014 Ford Fiesta

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I got this car December 2016, it had only 1 previous owner and had less than 50,000 miles on it. It was in really good condition. So, I was driving it today and the person infront of me had stopped so I go to hit my brakes to stop and my brakes don't work...pump my brakes, try them again and still no brakes...can't go around the vehicle cause there is another car coming and I panicking cause MY BRAKES ARE NOT WORKING. Of course, I hit the vehicle infront of me, luckily, we were only going 35-40 mph. Well, after I come to a sudden stop, my car I on FIRE under my hood and I am still in the car!!! I hurry up and get out and luckily again we were by a small factory and they come out and help me away from the car and put the fire out as I collapse to the ground. They take me to the ER and when the police officer gets there for a report, he informs me that my airbag under the driver side dash deployed but my steering wheel one didn't, like it should have, so I hit my chest on the steering wheel and not the air bag like I thought and also my seatbelt did not lock like it was supposed to either to keep me from hitting the steering wheel! I never paid attention to it cause I was too worried and freaked out that my brakes didn't work like were supposed to and that when I opened my eyes my freaking car was on fire!

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