2014 Ford Feista SE Transmission Control Module

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I bought this Ford Fiesta SE and have only made 4 payments on its been in the shop 3 times now. The first two times they told me it needed an update download on the transmission. Now they call me and say that it needs a transmission control module. I have been stranded on two occasions, one I missed work the whole day. At what point do you ask for new wheels?

1274 days ago
I bought a 2014 Ford Fiesta brand new April 16th 2014 at Montbleu Ford had problems with transmission problems ever since it shakes putters and doesn't accelerates properly but was told there was no problem.
I took it to a different dealership Sterling Ford and it was diffinately the transmission they reprogrammed it.
I took my 2014 Ford Fiesta for 4 season tires October 27th 2014 and again had the transmission reprogrammed and was told the clutch was on back order of 6 months. The service guy Paul also said there was a waiting list and had no idea when my vehicle would have the clutch installed. Paul also mentioned that the clutch is not a fix to the transmission problems. The good news is I have a warranty! FORD Canada told me to go to another dealership to see if there was a better turnaround time for the clutch! Why is this my responsibility to check for a clutch?
What happens when the warranty expires? What happens if my vehicle is not drive able? What happens if my car is unsafe for me and my grandkids? I would like some answers to these questions!!!

christy a. said
1207 days ago
I'm having same problems with my 2014 ford fiesta. I'm also having issues when I fill up my gas it overflows every time. They said they fixed it once and I left ford dealer to go fill up and of course it over flowed. I took it back and he said bring it back monday..mind you this was on a tuesday. That same day they reset transmission module and it is Sunday night my husband gets in car and now it won't start. Problem after problem...feeling frustrated with ford

Halie W. said
901 days ago
I have had the same issues plus some! Have you guys been able to find some sort of a solution?!

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