2012 Ford focus

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The clutch system is getting oil on it witch causes it to slip and go out this is second tome but now it's 5000 over warranty there making excuses for improper parts that shouldn't be out and can't tell u y there bad called another dealership. And two of there service department people tell me there is no way for oil to get to the clutch and they had it all tore apart there was never oil on the ground never had to add oil so I'm so post to be leave what one dealership say when 2 separate people at a diffrant dealership service department say there no way and y do I have to pay for clutch it's second time it's happens I'm scared to drive it now and already make huge payment for car that has been in sence couple months after I bought it if no oil is low none on the ground how am I sopost to know I have a problem they tell me it's the way it's built that's just how it is and I'm driving down the interstate and clutch flyers apart from slipping and transmition locks up and a tractor trailers rite behind me with daughter and her friends in car then what how is it legal I'm to scared to hardly drive it more less with my daughter in it and I can't sell it it would be like murder to sell someone something they could be in accident any day with who knows when it may happen again twice in 65000 miles so then chances are it won't be long where's the justice in buying a new car to be scared if the next time it happens we're will we be will tractor trailer be following me and will we be safe when it's over bought new car so wouldn't have these worries just to find they got worse

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