2011 Toyota Sienna Power Sliding Door Popping Sound

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A very common problem with the 2011 Toyota Sienna is a loud, disconcerting popping sound when operating power sliding doors with outside handle. I bought my Sienna in March 2010 and brought the problem to the attention of my Toyota dealership. I was told they knew nothing about it and had no knowledge of a fix. Then, I contacted Toyota headquarters and received an email (which I have) that says the solution is to hold onto the handle longer. I find out a few days ago that there was a TSB (T-SB-0044-11, issued 05/24/2011) that provides a fix (expensive replacement of motor/ECU assembly) that is covered by the 36 month/36k mile warranty). I contacted Toyota headquarters this past week, explained the situation and provided documentation (aforementioned TSB, email from Toyota, etc.). I requested Toyota to do the TSB fix with no charge to me. I asked how I was supposed to know this fix existed. I got no answer. I was told since my Sienna is out of the aforementioned warranty, Toyota would not pay for a the fix.

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