2010 Lexus RX 350

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November 2016, my wife was driving on the interstate at 80 mph, when the lights on the dash came on. She was able to get it to the Phil Meador Toyota dealer which informed her that the oil cooler hose had a hole in it and leaking oil. They said they would order the part and it would be around $300. The part was now a metal replacement. When it was time to pick it up, he informed me that I would need a new engine because all the oil drained out of the engine. I got online and found out that the oil cooler hose was on recall. I contacted lexus headquarters about getting charged for a part on recall and to let them know that the failed part has caused engine damage. They told me to take it to a lexus dealer( I live in Idaho and the closest Lexus dealer in Idaho is 4 hours away, closest to me is in Utah which is 3 1/2 hours away) because they said Toyota mechanics aren't trained up to lexus standards, which I thought was odd when they are the same company. They sent me the reimbursement of the part and I drove my car to Petersen Lexus in Boise, Idaho later in November, the car was there for about an hour and they said my engine was fine and that only about 10% have engine damage after the oil cooler hose blows. For the next few months my check engine light illuminated on and off, also the traction control light started blinking(later found out that the blinking traction control light indicates the timing is off). So I took it to a local mechanic in March 2017 and he indicated that all four timing solinoids were bad or failing and that my variable timing gears and chains are failing because of oil deprevation and to fix the gears would take 25 hours, which would be cheaper to get a new engine. While they were diagnosing my car the took off my oil pan and found metal shavings in my oil pan. I contacted Lexus again and told them what I just found out, which is the 2nd person saying I needed a new engine because of oil deprevation. In June 2017, I took it down to Larry H Miller Lexus in Murray, Utah to have them look again. After a month they indicated that my gears and valves are bad, but said they will not pay for the repairs because I had work done on my car that was performed Lexus Dealer. As I stated earlier the closest is 3 1/2 hours away. So the first lexus dealer had it one hour and the second had it one month. The first lexus dealer, I feel, was directed by Lexus corporate to give me a clean bill so that if something else comes up with my car they can deny any and all services.

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