2005 Toyota Sienna Electric Door Latches

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I have owned my minivan since it was brand new. The electric doors have almost NEVER worked properly. I am FURIOUS that Toyota is still making cars with latch problems that are now unsafe! They either don't open, freeze shut, partially open and start dinging while I am driving, open when 2 people open from inside and outside the van, one side opens but the other side doesn't, and the infamous, this part was under warrenty, but this wasn't. I just spent another $800 so my Special Needs child didn't have to climb out the back into the drivers seat to get out and low and behold, this morning, they were frozen and neither side would unlatch!!!!! I am so sick of this!!! Does anyone else feel that Toyota needs to get their act together, or should I say door "Act"uator!!!!!

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