2005 Ford F150

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I am the 2nd owner of this 05 Ford F150 5.4 Lariat that I bought 2 years ago w/49500 miles on it. it ran great until the engine blew w/69000 miles on it.when the engine blew it cooked the catalytic converter also. I've spent $10,000 fixing my truck. I've noticed on different sites that quite a few trucks of that year have had engine problems. Is there a class action suit regarding this model? Thanks

Donald W. said
479 days ago
Same problem as everyone has stated with my 2006 Ford F150 5.4 3V.I have owned Ford's most of my life but that is going to change, I will never buy another piece of crap Ford again!! If you take it to a dealer, same thing, no codes , no problem, except for the outrageous bill they hand you for not fixing anything!! I am totally DONE with FORD!!

curtis B. said
468 days ago
2007 ford f150 5.4 engine lockup; transmission sluggish

Juan M. said
466 days ago

Juan M. said
466 days ago

Juan M. said
466 days ago
Transmission replaced twice on 05 f150 5.4

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