Investigation of 2013-2014 Toyota Camry, Avalons, Siennas, and Tacomas, and 2014 Corollas or Tundras over potentially defective seat heaters

Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota announced that it would stop the sale of Camrys, Avalons, Siennas, Tacomas, Corollas and Tundras because of a defective seat heaters that contain padding that does not meet flammability standards. While Toyota felt it was important to prevent the further sale of 36,000 of its vehicles equipped with these seat heaters, it has refused to recall the 2013-14 models it has already sold, claiming it is not a significant safety risk

Ironically, the problem was discovered by a safety agency in South Korea. The Korean Automotive Test and Research Institute, which found that the fabric backing material used near seat heaters did not meet U.S vehicle flammability standards

Toyota has recently been plagued with a variety of problems in its vehicles and has not always been responsive to consumer safety concerns.  Lawyers have opened an investigation of this matter and are interested in speaking with of 2013-2014 Toyota Camry, Avalons, Siennas, and Tacomas, and 2014 Corollas or Tundras that are equipped with seat heaters.

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