Ford sued for alleged design defect in a 6.0L diesel engine

Ford Motor

The lawsuit names Ford and involves a 6.0L diesel engine manufactured by Navistar, Inc. (“Navistar”) for use in Ford Super Duty trucks, Econoline vans and Excursion SUVs for model years 2003 through 2007.

This engine, marketed to consumers as the Ford Power Stroke®, suffered from significant design defects that were known to Ford at the time vehicles equipped with this engine were sold to consumers.

As alleged in the complaint, despite having knowledge of these design defects, Ford never disclosed these defects. Instead, Ford falsely portrayed to consumers that its vehicles were durable and reliable and of superior quality. Then, when consumers encountered problems with these vehicles—which Ford knew consumers were likely if not certain to encounter—Ford failed to honor the terms of its express and implied warranties by making the repairs necessary to actually fix the problem.

Betsy I. said
2367 days ago
I have spent over $8000 on my Ford F250 in the last year because of the motor. Help!

martin j l. said
2349 days ago
ford 6.0 engine
no turbo
no air conditioner
bad egr

intake is clogged and cant get air

ford is trying to make it past warranty date of nov 6 2012 so they dont have to fix it

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