Ford recalls 2008-2011 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner vehicles

Ford Motor

Ford Motor Company is recalling certain model year 2008-2011 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner vehicles manufactured August 18, 2006, through September 11, 2010. The affected vehicles have a steering torque sensor that may not be able to properly detect driver steering input. As a result, the system could remove the Electric Power Steering (EPS) assist.

As a result, if power steering assist is lost, greater driver effort would be required to steer the vehicle at low speeds, increasing the risk of a crash.

An estimated 740,878 vehicles are affected by the recall.

Ford will notify owners, and dealers will update the software for the power steering control module (PSCM) and the instrument cluster module, free of charge. If a vehicle shows a history of a loss of the torque sensor signal or fault codes relating to the PSCM when the vehicle is brought in for the recall remedy, the affected components will be replaced, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin by July 25, 2014.

sharon p. said
1701 days ago
We have a 2011 Ford Escape Ltd. AWD with 4 cylinder. The transmission just went out and Ford will only offer $500 toward a new transmission. Are there any class action law suits re this issue? Thanks.

jean s. said
1674 days ago
Had tjw steering problem twice since 08. The car went in for the recall and now has happened 5 times. Four times almost wrecking it. Its worse then before with no steering. The truck was bought new. I was told by ford to trade it in or leave it in the driveway. Any thing i can do?

judy B. said
1559 days ago
I have a 2011 Ford escape xlt and I had lots of problems but nobody listening. There's something wrong with the trunk it won't open, the transmission slips, if you have to slow down suddenly and then try to resume your speed it acts like it's going to stop them it picks back uo again, lastly it acts like the front end is gonna fall out sometime.

Stephanie R. said
1421 days ago
I have the same issue with my vehicle. I even called Ford about it letting them know the recall failed and they said i have to pay them to find out but it most likley wont be the recall and the deadline is up. I had not 1 problem with my escape and then I brought it in for the recall. I have since had to replace the starter, alternator, batter, and cables. I feel like I brought it to them to break it.
My power steering fails daily and I almost crash as it will try to kick back in during a turn and it jerks the wheel into the straight position.
Last night on my way home not only did the power steering fail but my dashboard lit up like a christmas tree, my battery, ABS, security and airbag lights were flashing causing all power to be lost in my vehicle...then it would turn of for a second..then back on again and when the lights are on, I loose break control, steering control and it feels as though the car will die.

earnie h. said
1285 days ago
same issue

Misty M. said
1224 days ago
2008 escape power steering loss while driving issue. Ford wants me to pay to fix. Posting on all complaint forums, attorney sites regarding this along with contacting my local media! Call/email yours too. To many issues, more so after being "repaired" . Maybe another class action lawsuit should be taking place!

William H. said
1209 days ago
Same transmission and power steering issues and complaints listed above. All started around 11k miles...had the recall reprogramming performed.... . The "fix" (which was a convieniently low cost one for Ford) did not fix the problem I came in to address (which was shuddering). No change in horrible vehicle performance since day one and power steering still goes. Symptoms/manufacture dates meet all requirements for recall and they tell me that my recall is closed. Left in the dark. I have 2 new Ford vehicles and have had MAJOR mechanicals failures. My 2014 FX4 had a bad-valve body that intermittently failed at 1000k. Ford said my manufacture date didn't qualify me for the recall and instead made me drive around while it ate my transmission for 8000k miles! Only when my vehicle was catastrophically failing did they replace just the valve body. I am a very mellow mannered individual but am disgusted and angered at culture customer care Ford promote. They just have really "NICE" care representatives tell you horrible news. Now I am 70,000 dollars in the hole with these 2 vehicles I purchased new. My wife has to drive me to work in our still malfunctioning f-150 @ 4am.

laurrie n. said
1117 days ago
2008 ford escape transmission relaxed at 84000 miles. said not their problem

laurrie n. said
1117 days ago
2008 ford escape transmission failed at 84000 miles

Eric E. said
1091 days ago
2010 mariner same problem it's the bandage fix by Ford

angela t. said
807 days ago
My 3009 mercury mariner transmission failed 14000 miles

angela t. said
807 days ago
My 3009 mercury mariner transmission failed 14000 miles

803 days ago
2008 mariner transmission failed 13000 miles

gail s. said
803 days ago
my 2008 mariner transmission failed.

GARY S. said
802 days ago

angela t. said
764 days ago
My 2009 mariner has transmission brake,and air conditionsr problems

Jodi C. said
600 days ago
I have a 2008 mercury mariner that has a faulty transmission cooler and transmission. Why aren't there any recalls on this? Research this and you will see countless victims.

I guess Ford is too big to fail?

Raymond F. said
599 days ago
testing this testing this testing this testing this testing this testing this

Smokey R. said
434 days ago
I also have taken my 2010 into the dealership for the power steering recall and since then I have lost my power steering 4 more times and then just this week I have lost it completely so I called the ford company every time and have been told to take it to the dealership so I finally did and they told me that the electric power steering motor is fried and then proceeded to tell me how much it would cost me to get it fixed so I once again call ford and they tell me the recall has been performed and there's nothing that they would do to help with the problem!!!

Leigha B. said
393 days ago
My 2009 Ford Escape is randomly stalling while driving the vehicle. Drivers behind me and myself are unprepared for the sudden loss of power while driving, causing many risky situations for near mis accidents. The vehicle has been brought to ford numerous times resulting in no diagnosis of the problem. Ford states they cannot help if they cannot diagnosis the issue. My anxiety is through the roof driving it - this is not okay.

Greta M. said
365 days ago
My 2009 Ford Escape is a piece of JUNK! I have had numerous problems with it. The Throttle Body, Transmission, Power Steering, extensive rust (even though it is kept in the garage and washed regularly) etc... I wrote a letter to Ford. They addressed a different problem that wasn't mentioned in my original letter. I do not believe they even read my letter. They said they support the decision made by the dealership to charge me over $1,000 to correct the issue. Ford is not customer friendly. I will NEVER by another Ford product again!

Stephanie P. said
267 days ago
I took my 2009 escape in for the recall B1342 AND 14S05 in 2014 to a local Ford dealership, all they did was Reprogram the codes, there was nothing physically wrong with my car at the time. 6/26/18 while driving I lost power steering. I took the car to local mechanic who then advised me to contact Ford because my problem was due to recall number 14S05. Ford said this is a onetime "fix". My entire steering column needs to be replaced. I will have more details once I pick up my car. I filed a compliant with Ford and also NHTSA. Ford did not fix the recall issue, they removed the codes and knew very well at some point my power steering would fail and this I would have to pay out of pocket for.

Lietzah D. said
230 days ago
Ford erased the codes in my 2008 escape as there recall "fix" and then the power steering failed

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