Ford Motor Company recalls 2007-2008 Lincoln MKX, and Ford Edge vehicles due to corrosion in fuel tank from salt water exposure

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Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain model year 2007-2008 Lincoln MKX, and Ford Edge vehicles, manufactured June 15, 2006, to September 22, 2008, and originally sold, or currently registered in, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia. Due to corrosion from salt water exposure such as from road salt use, the affected vehicles may leak fuel from the fuel tank seam weld under the tank mounting reinforcement brackets.

A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source increases the risk of a fire.

Approximately 186,024 vehicles are affected by the recall.

Ford will notify owners. The remedy is currently being developed. The recall is expected to begin on December 8, 2014.

Brandi G. said
1542 days ago
I am an owner of a Ford Edge in this recall. My 2 small children and myself have had to smell gas fumes for over 4 months with the leak in the tank. I had the vehicle in a shop 2 times to look for a leak in the lines to no avail. My Edge is now in limbo at the Ford Dealer for the next year. Ive been given a rental not equivalent to the one I purchased and am still making payments on carrying full coverage. Ford Motor company needs to compensate me for the lack of vehicle that I need for where I live and for my time fighting with the rental company to give me something I can live with for a year.

1521 days ago
My vehicle (Ford Edge) is leaking gas and a ford dealership has taken it to sit for 8 months! It will not be maintained leaving all vital function parts to sit and rust and deteriorate. The vehicle will need immediate repair once i finally get it back. I contacted ford and they told me they would not live on what ifs and would not promise they would fix anything for me if things became defective due to the part they manufactured. Im also still paying on a vehicle I cant even use. Ford evaded this request when I brought that to their attention. Im furious and will be filling a complain with the attorney General when the time is right.

Cooper B. said
1512 days ago
Took mine in to be looked at yesterday. They said it could not be driven until the fuel tank is fixed and put me in a rental... Probably for the next year from what I have read online. Its a strange and frustrating situation. I still have a loan on the Edge, and so I have to keep it insured, but after 30 days, my insurance will no longer cover the rental and Ford is refusing to pay insurance. So I am going to have to insure the rental somehow while paying insurance on the car Ford is not allowing me to drive.

Cooper B. said
1512 days ago
Took mine in to be looked at yesterday. They said it could not be driven until the fuel tank is fixed and put me in a rental... Probably for the next year from what I have read online. Its a strange and frustrating situation. I still have a loan on the Edge, and so I have to keep it insured, but after 30 days, my insurance will no longer cover the rental and Ford is refusing to pay insurance. So I am going to have to insure the rental somehow while paying insurance on the car Ford is not allowing me to drive.

Heather A. said
1505 days ago
I have a 2007 model and just finding out about this serious issue! As we all have "precious cargo" in our cars, I am shocked by this news!! Thank you all for letting me know as Ford did not. Truly though, I'm a Chevy Girl at heart! but I love my Edge!

Ashley S. said
1465 days ago
My 2007 Ford Edge has been off the road since December due to my fuel tank leaking as well, and is a part of the recall. (however, it was leaking for approximately 2 months before it even got taken off when the recall was issued. - mind blown) Anyways, I have been in a rental coming on 4 months now and I have learned, my insurance only covered a rental vehicle for 30 days..HOWEVER with my rental from Enterprise they made me re-sign a new rental agreement every 30 days....making it a new agreement making me elegible again to be covered for 30 days on a new rental. (thankfully I did make a fuss as I bought an Edge all whell drive and put winter tires on it for a reason....they tried to give me little cars as rentals and I ended up gettign 2014 Ford Escape until they sold that on me and yesterday switched me to a 2015 Ford Escape (it is close to an Edge so I am happy on that aspect) HOwever now Ford has actually told my dealership they dont want to pay for rental for me anymore so my dealership had to get me one of their service vehicles...whic are not anything spectacular...and they went and bought a newer Escape for a service vehicle to put me no more rental through Enterprise...and I thank my Dealership VERY much for getting the escape for me as per again, I bought a SUV to drive an SUV not to drive around some rental for 8 months of the year. (by the way I must say in having to deal with this as well, my dealership has been amazing every step of the way) which now I will have to contact my insurance company informing them that I will be driving a newer vehicle then my previous (so we will see if that changes anything) ....with all this being said.....I will again (and I hate that I have to) be making a stink to Ford about my Brakes, Brake lines, Battery and Oil in my vehicle when the fuel tank is finally fixed as yes by that time it will have been sitting for how many months and these things will be necessary to be replaced and I will fight as much as I can on that fact that WE all of us should not have to pay that out of our own pocket as we would not have to replace such things as we would have been driving our vehicles. I am right there with all of your along all our frustrations....always looking for updates on the situation. Just unfortunately here we sit. Its all been such a hassle and half dealing with everything.

Dan M. said
1459 days ago
I to have a 2008 Lincoln MKX. It has also been sitting for 3 months and I was advised it could possibly sit for a year. They placed me in a newer Lincoln but I to am making payments and inquired about the issues my vehicle will be facing once repair is completed. The issue I have now is if I attempt to trade it in I lose all equity in the vehicle. My car has 72000miles on it and KBB values it in good condition at 13500. Ford will only give me 8k for it until repair is completed yet I'm making payments and losing value everyday it sits. I guess we'll all just have to wait until the repair is completed. I contacted Lincoln and asked for them to compensate me for the value lost and asked to be put in a newer not new Lincoln at a reasonable price and they advised they are not responsible for the loss of value to my vehicle. I laughed right in his face, so I lose out because you can not build a vehicle properly. All in all its a waiting game. I would love legal advice from a reputable attorney near Philadelphia area if at all possible.

Tracy H. said
1444 days ago
I have a 2007 Ford Edge and its 8 weeks today without it. I'm on my third rental car. Like many of the others have said, I was first given a rental car that was not all wheel drive and much to small for our family. I now have a 2015 Dodge Journey and it is much nicer especially since it has been snowing. I too am very frustrated with the thought of my car sitting there for 8 more months. I can't imagine all the stuff that will be wrong with it. I was told today that Ford is offering $2500 if we would like to buy a new car.. SERIOUSLY!! I calculated today that Ford is spending approximately $190million a month on rental car expenses. WOW!! Seems to me they would find a quicker solution for all of us.

Joseph K. said
1421 days ago
I have a 2008 Ford Edge. It has been parked behind the dealership for three months. They rented me a Chevy Captiva. Smaller than the Edge. They told me I will not get my car back until mid summer at the latest, I am furious. This week the dealer called me to offer me a "deal". They will give me $2500 plus the "wholesale Book value". I laughed at the guy. My vehicle has 104,000 miles on it, but you would never know it when you look at it. It is in mint condition. My plan was to drive it for 200,000 miles Plus. I want to know when and where the class action suit is. How do i sign up for that. Pass this around, get people talking, BAD PRESS is every company worst nightmare

Stephen h. said
1400 days ago
I am a current owner of a 2007 Ford Edge. Recall was issued and I'm not having the SAME experience that all of you are having. Car has to sit in the dealership's lot and I'm presented with two options that handcuff me either way. I was not in the market for a new vehicle, I owe more than what the dealership offered for a trade in, and having a rental for a year or more is out of the question. We purchased a vehicle to own a vehicle, not have it rust away in a parking lot. Speaking of, when I asked about problems that arise due to the vehicles sedative state in the parking lot, the dealership assure dme that there would be none. What a headache this is!

Stephen h. said
1400 days ago
Oops it should say I'm having the same experience. Sorry.

1379 days ago
Same problem as everyone else. My 2007 Ford Edge has approximately 38,000 miles on it, purchased new tires and an extended warranty recently because I had decided to keep it for another 3 years. I took the car in for an oil change on 1/7/15. I mentioned the recall, they checked the automobile and it has been parked in the back of their lot since then exposed to all environmental elements. I too am not in the market for a new vehicle. My dealership has been phenomenal. Ford Motor Company on the other hand has been far less than desirable. They act as if they couldn't care less. They have however continued to rent a car for me on a monthly basis, while mine is sitting outside deteriorating. Would love information on a class action lawsuit. I have been told that no solution for this problem can be expected any sooner than September. WOW, UNBELIEVABLE!

1379 days ago
sorry, continuation of above.

Dan M. said
1346 days ago
I responded to this blog a few months ago. I know that most can not afford a new vehicle so I requested Lincoln give me an incentive towards a Certified Pre-Owned. I know that this doesn't help much but it does help alleviate a substantial cost when the vehicle is a few years old but yet still hold a warranty. I have been calling Lincoln once a week with the intention of hopefully disrupting someone or something to help get us all on the same path. I am a reasonable person with reasonable expectations. I feel that Lincoln/Ford will come up with something a little easier for us. I totally disagree with this whole situation and fear that eventually were going to be told that our cars are obsolete and that nothing can be done, here's our offer. So with that said I think we should push an incentive towards Certified Pre-Owned to get us in the same ball park, possibly, of what we already pay. Hope this makes sense. I call once a week and request this. Maybe a petition of some sorts will get the ball rolling.

Amber V. said
1336 days ago
This is incredible reading all of your posts... I felt like I was writing it myself! My vehicle has been at the dealership sitting for 8 months now. Told it should be soon but nobody really knows. This is complete bullshit. I have been in 7 different cars and then enterprise dropped customers because they apparently didn't understand what long term rental meant. I am now in a Nissan Altima. (I'm sorry... but where does this come anywhere near a Ford Edge?... Cheap assholes) So my family missed out on camping trips and etc because we have nothing to tow with, built a deck and had to slide wood from the truck up to the dashboard. I called Ford to ask them for the buyback and they told me no, it's too old. My car doesn't even have 100k miles on it! I think it was at 86k when I left it with them. I have received letters that I failed to take my vehicle to emissions... like you, paying my car payment, car TAXES and insurance. How is this fair to all of us? 2500 toward a new Ford or 1500 toward a leased Ford. Um, not sure about you all but I just purchased my Edge sooooo I can't afford to roll my cost over into another vehicle loan.... my car payment would be more than my mortgage. Explaining that to "Jeff" at Ford was a fun.... He was nothing but rude and degrading that I had an 07 with a car payment. Sorry I am a middle class citizen who gets railed every which way. Im just concerned that we wont have any type of complaint since we all have pretty much been put in a vehicle to provide us transportation and also driving a 2015. I dont know what to do.....

1325 days ago
I received my edge back last week. They replaced my brakes and rotors in the front and back free of charge as well as an oil change. However,I lost 9 months on my warranty which is not expired and now it is rusting as it sat exposed to the elements. If anything goes wrong now i have no warranty for support. Im quite upset and plan to give ford a call as this unacceptable. My car is in worse condition then when i left it.

Randilyne P. said
1323 days ago
I called ford motor company to see if they would fix the rust that occurred as a result of sitting for 8 month exposed to the elements. This is their fault since it was sitting because of their defective part. Extremely upset since I have 3 years of payments left on a deteriorating car!

Ashley b. said
1262 days ago
I bought a 07 ford edge in june of 2014. I've had to do a lot of repairs myself. I started smelling gas in Feb of this year. I called the FORD dealership to tell them I have a leak they said they could fix it but I would have to pay. I never got a notice about a recall, the dealer ship didn't even tell me. So I got on Facebook to complain and my friend said it sounded like a recall. So I called ford company itself and found out my car was on recall. The local dealership had my car from March to august. They gave me a corolla to drive. The day they called and told me to pick up my car I went and put gas in it. I went from having 90 miles to empty to having 78 miles to empty in just 6 miles. While I was at the pump filling up my car. The gas was pouring out from underneath. The dealership came to pick it up and fixed. Or so they say. I still smell gas. I have taken it to 3 mechanics and they all smell the gas but can't find a leak. So I'm left driving a car that smells of gas with my two young kids. Grrr ford should do something more. I am still paying monthly for my car plus insurance. And didn't get to drive it for almost 6 months. But still forked out money and I'm still searching for the reason I still smell gas!

Mark S. said
1224 days ago
I received this recall notice for my 2007 Ford Edge in the mail in December 2014; I didn't think much of it at first because it was not showing any signs that it had this issue. Then a few months later I started smelling a gas odor, mainly after I filled the gas tank up, so I started looking into it. I have looked under the car and at the gas tank / mounts multiple times, and other than the odor there are no signs of a leak. I called a few Ford dealers to inquire about the recall and they told me that Ford does not have the parts available to the dealerships to fix this issue. It is almost a year later and they still don't have the parts available. How is this even possible?
I do my own maintenance on it because in most cases it’s just easier than to have to adjust my schedule to have to bring it to someone else to do it. Not everyone has that luxury. I was fortunate enough to have the person I spoke with at the Ford service center about the recall warn me that if it is confirmed that the vehicle has this issue with the gas tank brackets, they would not release it back to me until it's fixed. Therefore I refuse to take it to a Ford dealership until I know that the parts are available to fix it for the same exact reason as everyone else described. Unlike everyone else’s horror story, my Ford dealership told me they would not provide a rental or a courtesy vehicle and I would have to pay out of pocket for that. And I don’t want a crappy incentive to buy a new car, because I like my car. I can't afford to be without a car for a couple of weeks never mind months. And I certainly can't afford to continue paying my car and car insurance payments in addition to a rental car for who knows how long.
As a result, I still drive my Edge to and from work as if nothing was wrong with it. I don't fill my gas tank more than 3/4 of the way, and I have a fire extinguisher in my back seat just in case. And I am stuck waiting for a fix like everyone else. Although after this, I will always keep a fire extinguisher in my car regardless (as everyone else should) whether you have a problem like this with your car or not. It is absurd that Ford does not have the parts available to fix this issue.

Windy K. said
1127 days ago
I had notified Ford Motor Company of the dangerous gas leak back in August 2013, they refused to help me because my vehicle was out of warranty. I even brought in documentation of the recalls for different year Ford Edge's that had the same defect, to no avail. I was told it would be approximately $4,000 repair, but if they took it in, they would not release it back to me unless I could pay for the repair. I was still making car payments and could not afford that repair at the time. I also could not sell the car in good conscious to any other family either, so I was stuck driving a dangerous vehicle that was making myself and kids ill from the gas fumes. Eventually it became an active recall (in which I was never notified by Ford) , I had at the direction of Ford Motor Company brought it to any service center for the repair- Friendly Ford in Poughkeepsie, NY told me one week for the repair. I dropped it off on December 2, 2014!!!!! And did not receive it back until September 23, 2015. I received no loaner, no replacement vehicle, and very little communication at all. I went 10 and 1/2 months without my car that I was still making car payments on and had to keep insured the entire time! I could not afford insurance on a rental and eventually had to purchase another vehicle while still paying for the Ford Edge that was taken from me. I picked up the car at the end of September only to find a broken seat, dead battery, dry rotted tires, scratches on my hood, all the gauges and electrical will not operate, not a drop of fuel in my gas tank, and a failed inspection! The Service Manager actually tried to physically block me from leaving the service center after I inquired about the damage to my vehicle and requested that they spare a gallon of gas, so that I could leave & make it to a gas station. Unfortunately, the length of time for the repair did not ensure quality of service, I cannot even use or sell the vehicle because the gas tank has errors and will not pass an inspection. The estimates I have gotten are costly and require the gas tank comeback out. I cannot afford the repair, Ford Motor Company will have no communication with me since I contacted the Attorney General's office. It is a nightmare that and despite all attempts there has been no help or recourse for this situation. I purchased a $30,000 lawn ornament at this point.

Annette M. said
972 days ago car has been sitting since January 2016 and just received a call today to pick it up and return the rental. I inquired as to what was done to get it back into shape. She didn't know and would check it out for me. I requested it be cleaned in and out and inspection be done of brakes, rotors, change oil and oil filter, belts, etc. Don't know what to expect when I pick it up...Don't even know if they did a test drive. Want info on any class action suit due to the inconvenience and lenth of time car sat in a lot through an entire winter and summer.

Bernice H. said
926 days ago

Bernice H. said
926 days ago

Bernice H. said
926 days ago
I have same issues got a second letter on the mail about a recall in a gas leak in my Ford Edge I called the dealer on two occasions they gave me a differ response as of how long my car will be at the dealer for repairs . I am scared to death to drive my car and also can't afford to pay for rental and that's my only car to drive I don't own any other car . I still have car payments on my car + insurance I don't know what to do at this point . I want to join a class action .

Bernice H. said
926 days ago
I have same issues got a second letter on the mail about a recall in a gas leak in my Ford Edge I called the dealer on two occasions they gave me a differ response as of how long my car will be at the dealer for repairs . I am scared to death to drive my car and also can't afford to pay for rental and that's my only car to drive I don't own any other car . I still have car payments on my car + insurance I don't know what to do at this point . I want to join a class action .

Jaime S. said
760 days ago
Have been experiencing several high costly problems with this car, from cylinder 4 misfires, break booster replacement, fuel injector issues, and now ptu. The ptu problems has got me over the edge because it is over a $2000 repair. Living paycheck to paycheck, I don't know what I'm going to do. And of course it is no longer under warranty. How are there not more recalls on this vehicle? I still have payments remaining with no other forms of transportation. I would like to join this class action.

Luis Q. said
645 days ago
I own a 2007 MKX and was sent a notice back in July of 2016 stating that I had a recall, however it also stated that a letter would be sent to correct this issue of where we needed to go for service. I never received a follow up letter. Should I just contact a dealership for to schedule service needed?

250 days ago
It smells of gas& lord if I ran in to someone the air bag would probably tear my up or kill me. Iv went to ford house several times & they don’t have the replace. It’s my only vehicle to drive & yes sure.

Diane M. said
229 days ago
I have had nothing but drama with this vehicle I have never in my entire life of owning Vehicles seen such a horribly designed vehicle it is currently under two recalls and cannot be driven and the dealership cannot even provide a rental I have put enormous amounts of money in this vehicle and have recently refused to pay for it in order to get some action from the dealership. I have filed an attorney generals complaint and I would like to be involved in a class action lawsuit against ford for the 2007 Ford edge it should be classified under a lemon law.

Collin S. said
18 days ago
I have a 2008 Lincoln MKX (vin:2LMDU88C68BJ37814)I and on April 28 2017, I had the PTO replaced at a total cost of $1741.75 using only Ford parts. Now today, not even a full two years later on February 25, 201, the same issue occurs. Cavalier Lincoln charged me $3008.59 to replace the exact same part.

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